Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An update - wait isn't an "up date" something kinky you do on a mountain.

Two pixies fall into a beer....
"You are drunk and when you are drunk you forget I am in charge!"
"Which way do we go?"
"That way!!!"

Actually, that quote is probably only humorous to one person and that's because we spent a whole summer in our teens swooning over a film star in braids.  I would expand on that, but my life is sad and lonely as it is without losing friends to over-sharing.

For the first time in a little while, I am a little drunk.  I had a choice.  Go and do a workout with the consequences of sobering up, or write something here and pretend I am normal.  Sorry guys, you drew the short straw.

So here I am.  Eating a chocolate biscuit -sorry, cookie - which is rapidly disappearing down my tank top because I am missing my mouth; waiting for my tea to cool down, so I have liquids in me to prevent the hangover tomorrow; and contemplating the porn I have just downloaded on my Kindle.  Umm.. I think I over-shared on the last part.

The last month has been a case of over-sharing.  To the call I made on the local beach to a member of the PTA regarding my issues with school as a group of parent's listened in - many of whom I don't know the names of because my son wasn't in school enough for me to know them -- Ooops. Then progressing the drunken podcast I made with Krista and Caity from Run Barefoot Girl, in which the last thing we talked about was running and yet we spent about an hour on vagina's.  Then to my sudden Facebook postings about the porn I was downloading for my Kindle.  Yeah, self-censorship is not one of my strengths.

As far as work has gone, my role at Canadian Running and The Barefoot Runners' Society has been a bit on the back-pedal -- much to my annoyance.  My blogs are a little low this month, although I made up with it by having a two-page spread in their current print issue. (No link as yet).  The last article submission has been an education in the realm of magazine publishing.  I managed to get away with limited editing in my last article.  This article, not so much.  It was a question of "thinking about the money and not your integrity" here.  Paragraphs I wanted to keep were cut and my words were altered to sound like someone else.  My name is still at the top and I have a funky photo in the "Contributors" section, but it has made me realise if writing for the money is really what I want as an "End-game".

Despite my best efforts, the war with the school-board -although satisfactory in regards to the fact they admitted they screwed up- has still meant D only spent a quarter of the time in school as he was scheduled to do.  Most of it under my supervision.  It's my own fault.  My plan in September to have thirty hours of free-time a week was similar to the UK claiming, "we have a drought situation".  Fate always seems to have the last laugh.

I was relieved to have the summer holidays start.  By July, Mummy's new rule of, "I am not allowed to deal with idiots till I have my first coffee" was very apparent.  Although, the rule still stands -I mean how hard is it to find the indicator on a car?- it's less pressing.  Coffee at the moment doesn't signal World destruction -just a little bit of devastation.

Running has taken a little back seat, although it was replaced on the "back-row of Love", (did I just write that?) to cross-fit and weight training.  Much to my reluctance, Christian is right in some ways.  I hate to admit it, but running exclusively is a fail.  Weight-lifting continually is also a bit of a fail for me too, however, mix the two together and extra-ordinary things happen.

Schedules have meant that running has not been as possible as I would like.  So instead I have been resorting to some weight-training to fill in the gaps in the evening.  The consequences have been enlightening.

My speed hasn't dropped - in fact my pace is faster.  Thanks to the efforts of Curb Ivanic at core-running, I have found my pace has improved with my strength.  My endurance - well, okay that has suffered.  There is only so much you can 'fluff' before that three miler feels like a ten kilometre.  However, that's not been as hard to get back as I thought.  My form is still good, my speed is still there and the distances are coming back.

D has been in camp this week -another testament that the School Fucked up.  He has had an awesome time and I have had the respite I have need to catch up on some much needed writing, some planning for BRS and preparation for my camping trip.

Yep, D and I are going on our first camping trip.  As with everything we have decided to make baby-steps (a bit like when I posted a full picture of me in my first bikini in 21 years, before I realised what I had done - I am sure people have back-ups somewhere).  Our trip is to a field an hour from civilization.  With no electricity and no running water.  There is a huge lake and D can't swim.  As I write I am beginning to realise my actions.  What the heck!  I mean what could go wrong?

I admit it, I am secretly excited.  Camping to me brings back days of my mis-begotten youth.  Okay, I was probably about 10 years older than D, but S'Mores and campfires are universal in the age ranges.  He is going to love it and I am pretty excited -despite the fact our bathroom is referred to as a "bush' in the dictionary.  My years as a trail runner will come in handy here.

There you have it.  A month in review.

As to our impending move to the UK?  That's still in negotiation.  Family set-backs, then remissions have meant our game-plan keeps altering.  The impending need keeps fluctuating.  The move is still a constant, but at the moment we are still looking for a 'good' move instead of the 'what-ever we can take' move we were looking for last month.  We have thirteen months to get the move going.  Who know's we may win the Lotto.  I may get a big corporate sponsor who wants a presence in Europe.  I may also find aliens and discover new life on new worlds.  The ET discovery maybe more achievable.

Not much of a witty post, but as much as my drunken brain and my typed out fingers can manage at the moment.  Any eloquent responses are much appreciated.  It might make this post worth reading. :)