Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Useful links and book recommendations

Below are some of the links and books recommended by the lecturer from my 'POPARD Introduction into ASD - practical applications' course. I'll update the list when I get more info.


Autism speaks.

Defeat Autism Now. There is a list of doctors and specialists.

POPARD is the outreach program for Autism in BC. They run the course I am on. They have good resources in the E-learning section.

This video was created to show what it is like for an Autistic person who has auditory and visual sensory integration issues. It's only 11 minutes long and it makes you realise what it must be like for people who have to deal with this all day, every day.

SetBC- There is a section called 'PictureSet' which has pre-made .pdf and boardmaker visual prompts.

ACT BC the Autism department for BC, Canada. List of qualified practitioners in BC.


Course text - "How to be a para pro - A comprehensive training manual" by Diane Twachtman-Cullen (Good insight into how the Autistic mind works, reasonable expectations you should expect and an introduction into some techniques on dealing with situations. DOES NOT go into ABA or PECS)

How Autistic people think- "10 things a child with Autism wishes you knew" by Ellen Notbohm

How Autistic people think-"Look me in the eye" by John Elder Robison. (Biographical)

How Autistic people think-"Curious incident of the dog in the Nighttime" by Mark Haddan. (Fiction/Biographical)

How Autistic people think-"Freaks, geeks and Aspergers Syndrome" by Luke Jackson. (Biographical)

Sensory Integration- "The out-of-Sync Child" by Carol Stock Kranowitz (The go to text about what SPD is and what you should expect).

Sensory Integration-The out-of-sync child has fun" by Carol Stock Kranowitz. (The techniques on how to create a sensory diet).

Sensory Integration- "Building Bridges through Sensory Integration" by E. YAck, P. Aquilla and S. Sutton. (A book written by OT's on the different types of Sensory Integration and techniques on how to create a sensory diet. I brought this one - it's been recommended a few times to me too)

Teaching ASD children - "How do I teach this kid?" Kimberly A Henry

Teaching ASD Children - "The Hidden Curriculum" Brendan Myles Smith

Teaching ASD Children - "Teaching Children with Autism in School - a resource guide" by the BC Government (available on-line)

Emotional regulation- "The incredible 5 point scale" by Kari Dunn Buron.

Emotional regulation-"When my Worries get too Big" by Kari Dunn Buron (I brought this to help D with Anxiety and to give him calming techniques in a "social story" context")

Emotional regulation-"A 5 could make me loose control" By Karo Dunn Baron (We brought this a while back to try to discover D stressors. The child just has to put a card with an event (i.e. recess) or object (horses) into a pocket going from 1-5. 1=like, 5=upset. They use words and PIC symbols)

Emotional regulation-"My Book of Feelings" by Amy V Jaffee. (A dry wipe book where the child can put down events/objects that illicit certain emotions, and then the child can work through techniques on how to combat negative emotions)

Social Thinking- "The New Social Story Book" by Carol Grey. (A book with all stories on a CD so they can be altered to suit the situation/child. This book gives 150 social stories that teach social skills for varying situations. I brought this one to as D is high-functioning and reading social-situations is one of his difficulties).

Social Thinking- "Superflex Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum" by Michelle Garcia Winner. (This again teaches children with High-functioning ASD about how their mind works and how they can alter their social thinking in certain situations. Written in a comic book format. D likes this one)

Social Thinking- "Social Behaviour and Aspergers Syndrome" by Tony Atwood. (Can't actually find it, but I believe Attwood is one of the main researchers around social thinking and how it applies to ASD)

Social Thinking - "The Circles Program" by Nicolas Watkins. (Not sure where to get this... I'll post more when I find out)

Anxiety- "Meet Thotso, your thought maker" by Rachel Robb Avery. (I brought this one because D was starting to suffer from Anxiety and I wanted to show him it was okay and how he could change his thinking. It's a board book with "lift the flap" and removable items. Kind of fun).


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