Friday, November 27, 2009

Okay my blog is set up

Now what...??


I have always been paranoid about writing blogs, because who in their right mind would want to read anything I have to say. I have never really wanted to 'put myself out there'. My feelings and my views, are exactly that - mine.

However, I have been asked to write a blog about my Bare Foot/Minimalist Running experiences. I am still a novice, but if it helps someone then I won't be upset. There is a strong Bare Foot running community that is starting to become more organised. I think the feeling is that we want to start passing on the knowledge relating to the mechanics and benefits of running this way.

I also thought it might be useful talking about my son, who has been having his own difficulties recently. His Paediatrician want to test him for Asperghers Syndrome, but I am having a tough time reconciling my own observations with his potential diagnosis. I am thinking that talking about this via a blog may help me come to some conclusions. I doubt that anyone else would be interested, but I think it will help me - so who cares. :)

Lastly, I thought I may write about my life past and present. Again I don't think anyone else may find it interesting, but it might be nice to record some events somewhere, so that sometime in the future I can look back.

Anyway, I'll blog *shudder* more, when my 5 year old isn't breaking the furniture. I will try and aim to blog once a week. I will also alternate the topics between the area's of: running; my son; and life.