Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You want goals, I'll give you goals!

Usually at this time of year, you are meant to make lots of resolutions and goals. If you run then you are meant to litter your resolutions with PB's.

So, here it is. My running goal for this year.

For every timed run I do in 2014, I will achieve a PB. Every. Single. One. Sounds tricky? Well yep, it will be.

This morning I ran two timed 5K's. One at my usual ParkRun at Conkers, and then (after stupidly taking a lift -- no way to escape) at the Kingsbury ParkRun about ninety minutes later.

I PB'ed both of them. At the Conkers ParkRun, I achieved the fastest '5K whilst running juggling 5lbs of christmas dinner/cake/pudding around my middle in a lava-lamp-esque way'. At the Kingsbury I achieved the fastest '5K whilst needing to do a gigantic poo'.  I can't give you the times because they haven't shown up in my inbox yet, but it doesn't matter I know I PB'ed.

Over the next year, on my blog I will attempt to give you a run-down of every single PB I do. Feel free to share yours (I have a feeling as I hit June I may need inspiration and will probably steal some of yours).

So, who's with me? We should have a funky name - 'The PB'ers'? Nah, thats rubbish. Umm... 'Silly baffoons'? Nope... help me out here. 'Jiggily Jogga's'?... well, that's just plain naughty ;)

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