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The Twelve (or is that thirteen) Doctors?
"Times Change and so must I."

“Times change and so must I.
We all change when you think about it.
We’re all different people all through our lives.
And that’s ok, that’s good, as long as you keep moving,
as long as you remember all the people that you used to be.
I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear.
I will always remember when The Doctor was me."

Doctor Who Christmas Special
December 25 2014

We all have points in our life that define us. There are periods where we change; morph into someone new.  Each chapter in our personal history requires us to someone unique to that era.  We can’t be static in our personalities. We need to grow, change and in some case be a completely different person to what came before. Who I was when I was ten, will not be the person I am at forty. That’s good.

Yet, just because I change, it doesn’t mean I forget. I won’t forget who I was, but protect it and learn from it.

If my life, emulated the Doctor’s -If I had to break my life into thirteen transformations- what would they be? Where did I ‘re-generate’ into someone new? As the Doctor says, “Times change and so must I”.

[Note: my interpretations of the Doctor's incarnations may not be wholly accurate. I am going from sketchy memories and feelings here. To all of those ardent Doctor Who fans: Please be gentle and kind. And absolutely NO flaming or trolling!! Let's leave the flames and Trolls to the episodes. Okay?]

One (William Hartnell)
Grey and fuzzy memories like, half missing episodes. A first hint of what is to come without the knowledge about how far I would eventually go.  This was the beginning and my personality was just forming. 
Years 0-4

Two (Patrick Troughton)
Childlike attitude, but with hints of frustration anger – heck, I was a child, what’s not frustrating about that?! Memories of playing in the long summer, with only luck preventing the worst from happening. Living with a childlike innocence in a dangerous society. 
Years 4-10

Three (Jon Pertwee)
Suddenly I was stranded as a foreigner in a strange land. There was culture shock as I was transplanted from my home in an urban, multicultural and working-class society to an alien –rural conservative and culturally insular- world where everyone acted and reacted differently. I was an outcast. 
Years 10-13

Four (Tom Baker)
This was one of my favourite times in my life: Warm recollections of friendship. I was still an ‘odd-ball’ but developing my own sense of identity and character. I had fun and enjoying the adventure. I may even have possessed a long stripy scarf. Who knows? 
Years 13-16

Five (Peter Davidson)
Here I was growing into myself; it was hard and as such I relied heavily on my family and friends. I was still young and perhaps a little insecure. Trying to look after others as much as they may have wanted to help me.
Years 16-18

Six (Colin Baker)
I was a teenager living my life away from home in the big city. Like most teenagers when leaving home, you feel like you are grown-up, smart and, as a consequence, you are loud and perhaps a little brash. I was the typical student; full of myself, believing I knew everything. Everything was louder and larger; black and white.  
Years 18-22

Seven (Sylvester McCoy)
I mainly went through life accidentally leaping from one scenario to another. I sort of did know what I was doing –in a haphazard way- but I usually relied on luck to get me through. I had many different careers, all of them learnt by randomly hitting a keyboard key in a fashion that kind of worked. 
Years 22-26

Eight (Paul McGann)
 Perhaps this was my quietest time: The time in which I hid away. There isn’t very much to mention on my life at this point – same old adventures, every day. I did flit from place to place but it was for something greater than me. I was still the same ‘odd-ball’ as before. This was where my innovative streak came along. I was set upon projects that required quirky solutions and thinking outside of the norm; I would try anything to fix a problem, and generally it worked (maybe). 
Years 26-30

The Other Doctor (John Hurt)
There are always dark times in everyone’s life. Times when huge decisions create huge consequences and it feels like a battle to keep a hold on everything you value and love.  This was when I had to choose homelessness and my husband, or to walk away and live my life. I stayed and through a difficult year, living with family, as my husband worked through his demons, I became mentally strong with a sense of purpose. We eventually found our own place in the world. This was a time when it was impossible to get it right
Years 30-32

Nine (Christopher Eccleston)
When you come through a battle it changes you. You are older, wiser and you are different. As I transitioned into the new me, I became a mother. This was another battle and one where I never anticipated the consequences. Through my Sons’ birth, I was re-born too. 
Years 32-33

Ten (David Tennant)
We all want to run away sometimes. We need change and different cultures to make us realize where we are from. This was the time I ran. I ran so far and to so many different places. Trying to hide from myself in new places and new friendships. I ran; ran so far and it was my intention never to run back. Years 

And Again (David Tennant)
Regardless how far you run, you eventually end up running back the way you came. Despite, never realizing it, I was in fact running back to my home and the memories I was trying to escape from. It was a long path, but I was finding my way back to what was important. 
Years 36-38

Eleven (or is that Thirteen?) (Matt Smith)
I was rediscovering the whimsy: Enjoying being childlike but has the confidence of age and experience.  The last forty years had taken it’s toll, but also it had made me realize what I was at heart. I was strong –a fighter-, but I could be soft and caring to. I was looking after others as much they were looking after myself. Just because I was called a ‘Mother’, didn’t mean I knew what I was doing. I loved learning new things. This was the time I discovered I could run: Basically Run. What would this incarnation be without running? 
Years 38- now

Like the last episode that should have been my limit, yet, through my friends and family, I have more lives to live. I will still carry on; I will still change. I wonder what my next thirteen lives will bring me?

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