Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is my closet trying to tell me something?

Umm... too many running clothes perhaps? Nah!

I was just putting away my clothes from the laundry and I received a bit of a shock. No, it wasn't the fact I was actually putting away the laundry, although the dust-bunnies in the laundry basket were a little stunned by the sudden day-light.

The stagger backwards in a daze, wasn't the fact that this is the total amount of clothes I own. That top rack is pretty much it -- I do have some summer kit hiding under the bed, but for the next four-to-five months this is my total wardrobe. 

Before I get yells of horror from those whose wardrobe is twenty-foot long -with three rails and an additional shoe rack- I am happy with the amount of clothes I own. I am not really that fussed on getting the latest handbag or sweater. I also don't own that many shoes; okay, I own lots of pairs of running shoes, but if you discount that, then really my shoe collection is single figures.

My running shoe collection pretty much mirrors what is happening in my closet. 

See, Running kit at the Royal Albert Hall.
It was for Doctor Who and he does like
to say, "Basically, Run!" a lot
You see that white vinyl jacket in the middle? Everything to the right of that are my running clothes; everything to the left are my normal every-day, going to the dentist, going to the bank and going out party clothes. Yep, about half of my clothes are due to my 'hobby'. Actually to be brutally fair, the running kit are also the clothes I would use to go to the dentist, the bank and going out too. You think I joke? I actually went to the Royal Albert Hall last June, in my InkNBurn Steampunk t-shirt and running skirt. I sat in front of Matt Smith (Swoon) and the Welsh Philharmonic Orchestra, as well a few Cybermen, Daleks and ohh, yes an Ice Warrior. 

They are also probably the most expensive clothes I own: The main reason I went to the Royal Albert Hall in them.

However, for some reason -old age amnesia probably- I keep forgetting I am a runner.

Have you also noticed something else between the left-hand and the right-hand side of the wardrobe? Look at the colours. The left is in my usual palette of grey, black, dark and mono-chrome colours. Not a fancy pattern or a colour warranting sunglasses. Have you checked out the right side? Yes, there are blacks in there, but check out the shirts and the skirts. Every colour you can think of -- all requiring eye surgery after viewing. See those patterns and the designs. The number of plain -and frankly boring- monochrome running shirts equals one; and that is used as a base-layer in the winter. I never go running out in it just on it's own! What sort of person do you think I am? Well, this is it.

My closet is not only reminding that I am a runner, but the fact I am a loud, in-your-face, 'woo-hoo I am having fun', runner.

I am not saying that I only have an over-the-top personality whilst I am running, (if you have met me you know that isn't true -- I am a shock to most people, most of the time), but the fact that I love to show it more as I run. 

I am not the fastest runner in the world -in fact this year, my back has ensured that I am more turtle than hare- but I like to think I am the 'Party Runner'. I go out there to have fun, to make people smile and to bring a bit of sunshine. If I race, it's not for a PB, but for the fact I get to see somewhere different, probably with someone new and usually with a giggle on the way. My runs lately about having a good time and showing the world that they are welcome to join me.

I like that. I like the fact that my closet reflects what I want in the coming year. Sure, I would love to be quicker and perhaps run further, but I am more aware, that my ultimate goal is to go out and bring a little bit of sunshine on my runs. It may be dark, wintery and cold (with a lot of wet), but around me you will need sunglasses and one of those little cocktails with an umbrella in it. 

That'll be my new years' resolution; my fitness goal for 2014. I am going to run bright, run fun and run cool. All I need now is the Hawaiian Lei, the grass skirt, the sunglasses and the flip-flops. Wait, I have those already -- I knew there was a reason I spent all that money on those running huraches.

(Just to give you advance warning, I have another couple of posts up my sleeve. I am just finding it a little tricky being able to show that in fact I am the Doctor and my life mirrors his regenerations quite closely. Hey, it's Christmas and when you have a bottle of Sloe Gin by your side anything seems possible).

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