Friday, March 15, 2013

Tick Tock goes the clock. Winter is over

I had a blog post all written out yesterday and this morning I hit the delete button instead of the post button. Frankly it was fun as a wet weekend at a British seaside town in January. Where was the sparkle? The pizazz? The fun loving antics of a 'over un-educated' scamp who's idea of intelligent conversation is how many different ways can you say the word 'bum'? Yeah, the bum dictionary is still a work in progress.

So here I am in my Costa's -the British version of Starbucks- drinking mint tea because I over indulged on my first night out in my homeland, that didn't involve an 8 year old asking for every Doctor who plot line since 1980. Yep, I had a revisitation of at little known occurrence called a 'social life', I admit it has been so long, that 'social life' did have to pull out identification and remind me the last time we had met. I thought it was in the back streets of New York City, but then it reminded me of all those drunken adventures in Vancouver.  Admittedly I was pretty drunk on those occasions so its not a surprise I didn't remember.

Anyway, digressing. I do that a lot - you may have forgotten. (Also on a side note, I am recovering from an over indulgence in dairy and not wine. I was actually sober, but the cream and mushroom risotto did not agree that I should have fun and not live without some consequences. Next time I'll choose wine).

So, why did I ditch the last post? Well, it was whiny. It was a recap of the last five months, with the emphasis on how mature, boring and slightly depressed I was on the whole move.  I whittled away on how we had brought an old house and it was cold and quirky. I had a whole, (and very long), paragraph on how I was missing my friends and Vancouver in general. I spent quite a while talking about D in school, how he is getting officially tagged as needing help in school and how we have had a few skirmishes with the school but we have now established an entrant-cordial.

See, I have now managed to condense a whole treatise of my first five months -one spanning a thousand words- into a couple of sentences. Before you say it, you're welcome.

I woke up this morning feeling slightly queasy in the tummy area and very achy in the back area. (Oh, there was a paragraph in my 'miserable post from depressed-ville' on how I had since hitting 40 -which was celebrated with plumber and a hot water bottle- my body has decided to clap out on me big time). However, I decided to concentrate on the positive. I just had a night-out with fun loving adults (who probably won't invite me again as I forgot to mentally censor and I over shared) and that is an achievement.

There is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. A ray of sunshine in the midland gloom. A pair of ear-muffs to the local instance to add the word 'duck', to nearly every sentence.

We have hit the battle of the international move head on. We tackled it to the ground and whilst trapped in a headlock we gave it a good noogie. Instead of waiting for the bell for the next round, we are being declared the victor as 'life crap' is sitting in the corner with his head in his hands and a very bloody nose.

That's not to say that life doesn't have a few more bouts it wants to put on the calendar. We still have issues we need to sort out. The money pit of the house still has a load of work to be done and we need to pull the money out of the hat for that one. M is working a job that is involving a stupid amount of hours being directed by idiots who are incapable of organising a good night out at a beer making facility. I still have a ton of government crap I need to sort out for D and his schooling. Add to the fact my body has declared time-out and is refusing to do the minor of tasks without complaining like a toddler. I swear if I go to the doctors anymore, they are going to start dusting me and giving me a good polish once in a while.

Yet, winter is over.  The birds are singing, (do pigeons sing?). The trees are coming out into bud and the antihistamines are being brought in. The central heating is not on as much and we now don't owe the utility company a small nations annual domestic product.

In the scheme of things, life is good. I should rejoice in that. It may be grim 'up north' but at least Grimm made some fantastic stories. Yeah, that was a very tenuous connection wasn't it? It seems that the mint tea only managed to create harmony in the gastric area. Mental improvement may require something stronger.