Friday, March 23, 2012

Jumping on the Pussy Bandwagon

Did you know there was one? It's huge..! I mean, chuffing enormous!

Firstly, let me counsel you -- I have had at least two glasses of wine more than I should and I have a huge glass left because I had hit the notorious "Is the cask empty?" syndrome.  If you don't know what that means, then clearly you are someone of class who buy's "Bottled" wine.  You can ignore my ravings.

Anyway, I digress -- it happens a lot.

My friend Vanessa, who I think is completely awesome and who is one of those I have never met -- so her opinion of me, maybe greater than it should be -- wrote a post about an ad campaign about some shoes.

I would go into the details of the ad campaign by Pearl Izumi (yes, I am drunk and had to double check the spelling -- definitely not getting any free gear from them because of that), but most people in the US running community would have heard about it, because it's been hyped up as a big controversial discussion.  Yeah, war, peace and the end of intolerance can go hang -- Pearl Izumi made a definitive statement between who are Joggers and Runners, let's be mortally offended!

I am really not going to get any free stuff from them am I?

The point I want to make, is more of the response my friend Vanessa had from her post.  A few people decided to misread her article, re-tweet it and she became the subject of a vicious verbal/on-line attack.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of her work, (she is an editor for -- personal opinion clashed with occupation and she had to not only rescind the article but post a public apology.

When I say the attack was vicious, I mean it.  People were calling her work, threatening her and her job was on the line.  I frankly think this is out of order.  It makes me angry to think that people feel so much of themselves and their little lives, that they had a right to verbally attack another person so virulently that it almost cost a career.  Yeah, I think you are scum.

I understand that when you start writing for a magazine or another publication that may place your opinion higher than others, you have to be more careful in what you say in regards to something intimately connected to that job -- in our cases, shoes, running gear etc.  This is why I am hesitant in writing shoe reviews etc.  However, my blog -- like Vanessa's -- was active a long time before our more public writings came into being.

This blog -- like Vanessa's -- is my safe haven.  I hope I have made enough distinction in this place to show that the view's expressed here are my own.  They are not a magazines, a non-profit society's or anyone else's.  My work should not be placed in jeopardy by anything I write here.  If you don't realise that, then leave .. NOW!

This is my outlet and I refuse to let that be taken away.  I feel for Vanessa because her outlet was diminished by people who's opinion of themselves were smaller than they let on.

I was going to write about how I feel about the ad campaign, but that has been discussed to death and I refuse to add fire to a corporate freak-show -- I am really not going to get any free gear here! Must re-think my business plan.  Mamma needs new clothes!

I just wanted to offer my support to a fellow blogger.  I was going to say writer, but that's a professional title that means you need to be a grown up.  Blogger is more apt.  When you are a blogger your opinions are your own and not edited.  They are you.  Frankly I am more interested in "Vanessa the blogger" than "Vanessa the writer".  I could get drunk and wear pajama's and a TUTU with "Vanessa the blogger". Much more fun.

I know this post means little to about 84 of my readers.  That's okay.  I am happy with that.  There is only really one person this post is for and she knows it.

Really need to finish that glass of wine now and fall into a stupor. :)

HUGS to the person who understands this post.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Please come to Canada - but not if you're Autistic

This is a tough post to write.

After two years of sending forms, being prodded and poked.  Spending thousands of dollars getting police certificates, we have found out today that our quest to become Permanent Residents in a country we have lived in for pretty much seven years is going to be rejected.


We have an Autistic son.  Actually we have a mildly Autistic son.

We have no criminal records - we are law abiding.

It doesn't matter, that M and I are both highly skilled people.  It doesn't matter that M is highly paid.  It doesn't matter that M pay's a huge amount of tax every year.  The fact we have both spent between 4-8 years each in a college doesn't mean anything.

The fact that, I was hoping to train as an Special-ed teacher doesn't matter.  The fact we wanted to buy a house is not a factor.  We are contributing members of society.  We have jobs, we pay our taxes, we pay our bills on time, we have no debt, we follow the laws, we help in the community, we have friends and a strong network.

Yet, our seven year old, who counts Canada his home -- who counts himself Canadian, is being rejected by the country he loves.

We have a beautiful high functioning, verbal, intelligent son.  One who unfortunately is going to cost the government $24,000 a year to treat. For every Autistic Child in BC, the government gives $18,000 to the school board and $6,000 to pay for extra therapy.

$24,000 a year, which they are already paying as we are temporary residents.  However, that doesn't matter.

We are all in a state of shock at the moment.  To be rejected at this late stage, when we thought all the hurdles had been jumped through.  To be rejected by some cold hard letter.

We have 6 weeks to appeal.  We just aren't sure what this means for our work permit renewal that is in the works.

Maybe I will write more when I can make some kind of sense of this - because at the moment I can't.