Saturday, December 31, 2011

Normally bloggers do a year review...

However, this is more of a forward looking post.

As you may have seen my posts have been a little sparten lately.  Like London Buses, as soon as I decided to take on one new project, 3 more turn up at the same time.  The last couple of months have been very hectic.

So instead of telling you what I have done --which frankly, as running goes, was a little lack-luster-- I am going to tell you what is to come.  Not a New Year Resolution post - let's say it's a "What the hell have I agreed to?" post.  This is what I am planning in 2012.

Since the end of October I have taken on 3, (yes 3!) new projects or roles.  So first ones first.

Barefoot Runner Society.  I have been the Chapter President of the Canada-Vancouver Chapter for about 14 months now.  I took on some other projects for TJ on behalf of BRS, mainly updating Facebook pages.  A couple of months ago, she asked me to take on more of a role.  I was honoured and a over-whelmed, but in my usual, 'what the heck!" manner, I accepted the role.

I am now the Regional Vice President of BRS.  Not only am I now on the Executive committee, but I am also responsible for the day-to-day management of ALL Chapters of BRS.  If a Chapter President has a problem, it's me they talk to.

It's a huge project and I am barely standing in TJ's shoes.  It has been a steep learning curve and I know I am learning on the fly.  So if there are any CP's out there - yep sorry, I am trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can.  I am just beginning to realise how much time and effort TJ has put into BRS.  We all knew it, but I think if people realised the amount of work involved, then I think BRS's 4,000+ members would all send TJ little medals.  She does an awesome job and I am so glad I can help her out.

Canadian Running Magazine.  This was a bolt out of the blue.  About 6 weeks ago, CRM contacted me to see if I wanted to write a weekly column about Barefoot and Minimalist running on their Internet site.  After double and triple checking they really meant me, I accepted.

The start date was sooner than I anticipated, so I have spent the last month trying to get a backlog of articles (in case of disaster weeks) and trying to contact minimalist shoe companies for PR contacts.  I have come to a conclusion that I didn't know as much about the minimalist shoe industry as I thought.  It had never been a priority for me as I wasn't a reviewer as such.  Boy, am I getting a crash course now!

My CRM blog site is here.  Feel free to read.  I have managed to push the envelope a little and my humour is coming out more and more.  I am going to see how far I can go until they tell me to stop.  I really like writing for them and I am amazed a "conventional" running magazine is embracing barefoot and minimalist running.  I have even been asked to write for their print magazine too, so you may even see my name in print!

Along with BRS, this is going to be an fantastic way to promote barefoot and minimalist running.

The KittyK Review.  I started this personal project just before I took the role with CRM and it has taken a bit of a hit as I have concentrated on the magazine.

I never set out to be a reviewer.  It was never my goal for this blog.  However, over the last year, I have been asked my opinion on the shoes I own.  I happily give my opinion, but never felt comfortable doing a review here.  This led to my blog post in August.

I then decided that it might be good to give a review of the shoes I own.  Especially as there aren't that many female minimalist shoe reviewers.  There are differences in the female and male designs and that should be brought up.

I wanted to put up my ideas (so I wasn't repeating myself), I wanted the reviews to be funny and I didn't want them here.  I wanted to keep this blog for me, my son and my running.  I didn't want to force my reviews down peoples throats when they didn't want my opinion in the first place.

So if you want to hear about me and my silly antics, as well as any thoughts I have on running, then come .. to well.. here.  If you want to hear my opinions on the shoes I own, then go to "The KittyK review".

I know that in the blogger ideology, this is the wrong way to play a review site.  I know splitting the reviews from this blog means I won't necessarily get the traffic or the membership required to get the "swag".  However, I don't care.  I didn't start this blog to see what I could get from it.  I started this site so that I could rant, rave and generally mess about.  Which I have achieved with fantastic success ;)

The review site is a way to share my opinions, not to see how many free shoes I can get.  I want to make you laugh whilst providing a pointer about the shoes I have.  This may mean that the number of shoes that are reviewed may not be as great as some out there, but my new role with CRM may help that situation.

As I mentioned, this project had to take a partial back-seat, so although some of my reviews are up, I have a good handful I need to write.  They will go up.  Check the site to see what I might be reviewing in the future.

The Run Smiley Collective.  This is still on-going, but I am going to chivy up the contributors who have taken a bit of "Thanksgiving-New Year" break.  So if your name is on the side-bar, be warned.  In January I am coming to get ya!  We want more challenges, virtual runs and posts.  Get ready, I am going to be pestering you.

Barefoot Running University.  I have written a handful of articles for Jason and his site.  I am still hoping to do the same next year.

I haven't forgotten this site, which I still want to write once a week.  I have a few articles in mind.

Add in looking after a (soon to be) 7 year old kid with ASD,who has just started Social-group AND music therapy. Let's not forget the coaching I am doing with friends.  I think that's still important.

Oh, and I have started running with a Half-marathon clinic, I am going to start snow-shoeing,  learn to mountain bike,  doing a weekly boot-camp, I want to take up wall-climbing again, and perhaps swimming.

*Deep breath*  Do you think there are enough hours in a day?  Well thank goodness I am not one for a tidy house - I think the dust-bunnies can rest easy for another year!


  1. Wow Kate.. amazing!!!!!!!!!! I need to get over to RunSmiley and post!

  2. Kate - I am exhausted just reading your post. :o) You are as crazy busy as I am lately but much of my crazy revolves around raising 3 teenagers & tending the zoo.
    So glad that we crossed paths. You are on my list of great things about 2011.
    Here is to a great year of new adventures!