Friday, November 25, 2011

Running Hiatus, but still running around

Yep, I have been a bit quiet on the running front.  Also put in "blogging front" into that sentence too.  The Internet has had a small respite from ramblings.  However, I won't let the Internet get complacent, I am still around, lurking, like the bad smell left in the bathroom after a big Thanksgiving dinner ;)  Oh, I bet you have missed my mental imagery!

A weekend of deep aquafit, running in heeled boots and general weather changes meant my "post-recovery" status was reverted back to "recovery" status.  Added to the fact that I slipped on a damp ramp at the food store yesterday and my running has been set back a month or two.  It was a classic fall -Laurel and Hardy couldn't do better- and it has rather diminished my love affair I had with my bright yellow Gum Boots.  It seems my "little bits of wet weather sunshine" don't like inclines and damp - huh? who knew?!  However, I know in my head that I can get back there.  My brief entry into "back to running" has shown that this is a temporary hitch and I will recover.  I have to keep chanting that to myself as I avoid the pre-christmas chocolate and treats.  Damn you Christmas; the 1Kg British Dairy Milk bars are in the stores and I think I have already eaten half of one in a futile attempt to pretend I am running.  (Yeah, I don't get that logic either).

Winter has hit Vancouver in a surprise series of snow storms.  Our Summer was very late this year, so most Vancouverites were shocked when we had early winter storms.  There wasn't enough time to adjust our thinking.  Seeing red autumn leaves mixed in with snow is a very bizarre sight.  Yet, at heart I am a Brit and snow to us mean's playtime.  Everyone has an idea that the UK get's snow every year, but in the 30 or so years I lived there, I can only remember a handful of winters where we had large dumps of snow.  Therefore the idea of playing in the snow creates such kid-like excitement, that I immediately regress 30 years.  (Which as I believe I am 6, would make me -24).

The early winter and running hiatus, has lead to some bonuses.  I have managed to settle D into Grade One and he is coping better than expected.  I feel as if I have more of a handle on the situation than I did last year.  I feel more confident that we can get him through this year, whereas last year I felt in permanent battle mode from November onwards.  He still has his little quirks and issues, but I think we can creatively solve them before they happen (in a TARDIS, Doctor Who way), instead of fire-fighting (in a Torchwood, end of the world kind of way).  Yep, it's close to Christmas and it's this time of year I miss British TV.  Expect lots of UK TV references over the next couple of weeks.

I have started a few new projects and stepped up on a few others.  I am starting a new blog-site in the next few weeks and I have been busy writing for that.  I have been researching for articles I am writing that have more of a "scientific feel", hopefully I may be able to deposit them on BRU and  I have also taken on a bigger role with the Barefoot Runners Society.  I am now responsible for day-to-day running of the Chapters across the world - it has the fancy title of Regional VP which I still feel uncomfortable using.  Thankfully TJ is very supportive and breaking me in slowly.  I am just beginning to realise how much work she puts into the site.  Honestly if there was a medal of courage for Barefoot Running, she should have it!

I have also started coaching.  I am still uncertain about this because I still feel barely qualified to call myself a runner, let alone feel qualified to teach running form.  However, the coaching is informal and my test Guinea Pig (Ellie - yep you!) is coming on fantastically well.  I am getting a lot of satisfaction seeing all the tips and techniques I have learnt over the last couple of years come together.  It's solidifying my idea's and allowing me to test theories I had used on myself.  I am seriously enjoying it and although according to some, my business plan sucks -I coach for coffee and company- I don't think I would have it any other way.  Not sure I am really cut out for making money out of this running business!  Which is good, because I'm not. :D

I have been spending a lot of time on the snowy mountains with my family.  This is the first year, D has really been interested in the snow and he is loving it.  Every weekend we have been driving to the local mountains and I have to admit this is where I have been reducing my stress levels.  Forget running, I have been glorying in playing in the snow like a kid.  I am investigating snow-shoeing and my skates have been sharpened for the first time in a year.  Normally I run smiley, but as my knee is out of commission I have been playing smiley instead.

So okay, not running so much, however, I am still running around.  If you see a woman loping around the Vancouver area in a general "Quosimodo" type lurch, that's me.  Sorry Internet, but I am back :)  Haven't you missed me :)


  1. I snorted at "quasimodo" type lurch. Thanks for the laugh. Recover quick, darlin'!

  2. It sounds as though you are doing lots of great things. Sorry about your fall -- I can't seem to find a pair of boots that won't slip! Good luck with the recovery.