Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fancy a Chat?

Not just with me, but with a whole plethora of (okay 6) female barefoot runners?

Want to talk about what's it like to ditch the shoes and still keep sexy?

Want to talk about alcohol, running and having fun? Now, I've got ya!

Merrell are hosting an all female, singing (badly), dancing (only when we're drunk) crew of female barefoot runners on a Facebook Chat.  Myself and others will be there to talk about running barefoot and pretty much anything else you have on your mind.

They start tomorrow with Emily Snayd and continue once a week till you hit me at the bottom (literally, it is after Christmas) on Jan 5th.  So come on, grab a glass of something; if it's too early then grab the chocolate; if you are paleo grab the bacon; and sit with us for a while.

Date's and Info are as follows:  All times are Eastern.

12/01/11-1 to 2pm and 7 to 8pm-Emily Snayd
12/08/11-1 to 2pm-Iris Sutcliffe-
12/15/11-1 to 2pm-Caity McCardell-
12/22/11-1 to 2pm-Shelley Robillard-
12/28/11-7 to 8pm-Krista Cavendar
01/05/12-1 to 2pm-Katie Kift-


  1. Kate - my date is actually 12.29. Its a Thursday too. ;-)

  2. AHhh. I copied it from the Merrell Pages. Thanks for letting me know.