Monday, October 3, 2011

Party in New York! NYC Barefoot Run 2011 - Part 3

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Yep, I am taking ages with this run report.  Blame catch-up; catch up on housework, catch up on sleep, catch up on all of those 300 emails I had waiting for me when I landed.  To be fair the sleep was the most important - the others, yeah, not so much ;)

So, Race Day.  We had pretty much realized that racing - in fact any type of running was going to be a little difficult.

Drunken hugs in the lobby at 6:45AM
Photo by Krista 
The last thing on my mind was running; anywhere.  I just wanted a hole to curl up in until my hangover kicked in.  I think everyone else wanted that too.  I had no time to shower and I must have smelt like a winery.  I am painting a gorgeous picture of myself.
Sleeping on the Ferry - Thanks Christian
So we took the subway to the governor island ferry.  Merrell bods, Krista, myself and Christian were in attendance.  Jesse, Shelly, Jason and Pablo, umm.. not so much.  

Drunken Kate and Sober Larry.
Photo by Catherine Gibbons
We met up with Trisha, Catherine and Larry at the race start.  They looked vaguely healthy; well Larry and Catherine 
did, but they did the sensible thing and left at 11:30.  As well as Chris who also left early because he was on "daddy duty".  Chris had brought the Run Smiley TUTU's which I managed to drag onto myself as the ferry left the terminal.  (I didn't do a good job, as the pictures show.  My running skirt was all caught up and looked suspiciously like I had rushed to the bathroom and then forgotten to tuck my underpants in).  Well if that was the worst humiliation I had during the race I was a lucky girl.
Chris and I in our TUTU's
Not sure if this was taken
by Krista or Christian

We hid ourselves well for the group shot and hung around trying desperately to sober up.  Still no sign of Jason, Jesse, Shelly or Pablo. Humm...

So we chatted and ate banana's. Christopher McDougall was there. Krista and I told private rude jokes as we munched our banana's in a failed attempt to be seductive ;) Unfortunately the drunken gang from last night were the only ones with Beer Goggles - everyone else could see us perfectly. :D

The race was called to start and we all lined up.  Everyone started yet Krista and I ran to the nearest porta-potty.  Yep, We spent the first 5 mins of the race in the loo.  Not an auspicious start :)

Yeah, not good.
Thanks Bob for the photo.
I had forgotten to tape up my 2 funky toes, so I elected to run in my stripy socks.  I was carrying my "Invisible shoes" huaraches in my "hobby Jogger" hoodie, just in case.  I have to admit I don't remember much of the first lap; if the photo's are anything to go by, that is probably a good thing as I was transcending the "drunk" stage to the "okay I feel fine stage".

It was warm and muggy, so after one lap, we all congregated to drink coconut water in an attempt to continue the sobering-up process.  Coconut water is the most evilest creation on the planet.  Okay, it isn't usually - I have actually drunk coconut water before and with a little tweaking it's actually drinkable.  This stuff wasn't.  Although that could have just been my queasy stomach.  The effort to keep the coconut water in my stomach worked and after a little while I was actually feeling vaguely human - although looking human wasn't going to happen for a while.

Larry, Trisha and I enjoying coconut water
Not really - photo Catherine Gibbons
It was then I discovered that during my drunken stagger around the first lap, my 'Invisible shoes' had fallen out of my hoodie.  It turns out after talking to other runners, that they had fallen out at separate times along the course.  People were asking about who's huaraches there were.  I should have gone for another lap and picked them up, but I came up with a cunning plan.  After talking to Steve from IS, we decided to leave them where they were and let everyone wonder.  Start an 'Urban Myth'.  What happened to the runner who lost one shoe?  Did they get eaten by the monster of Governor Island? Did the 'Loch Ness Monster' go on vacation and have a snack? Was the runner captured by aliens?  We came up with a future plan (if we are ever invited back), that next time we will take with us random and bizarre pieces of clothing and leave them in strategic places on the course.  How strange can this 'Urban Myth' get?

As I was feeling better I decided to do another lap with Christian and Chris (I think it was Chris, now I am wondering… as you can tell I am not drinking as I write this so I am hindered in my attempt at recall).  As we approached the ferry terminal we saw the first passenger ferry disembarking.  Yep, there was Jesse, Jason and Shelly.  We walked the last part teasing them about the fact they didn't turn up.  They did have the opportunity to shower and have breakfast so in fact they did make a better first impression than we did ;)

The Run Smiley team - photo by Merrell.
The first ferries were about to leave and a lot of our group decided to leave.  Just before I managed to escape, Christopher McDougall pulled me into a Hula dance with various others.  I was becoming hung-over, I was tired and I am naturally un-coordinated.  I saw Chris from BRS NY, grinning as he was drinking beer.  We decided to do a runner.  So like naughty school kids, we slipped out from the back of class and did a runner when we thought we were far enough away.

Patrick pulling us.  Yes we are pretending
to use Whips. Thanks Bookis for the photo
Krista was waiting for me as the others had left.  Just as we we walking back, we bumped into Patrick and Bookis from Luna.  Patrick offered to take us to the terminal in the rickshaw.  This was an offer we couldn't refuse.  Patrick is one of the sweetest people I know and has a wicked sense of humour.  So the four of us (Patrick pulling Krista and I as Bookis ran along side) headed to the terminal talking very dirty and causing general mayhem.  To give you an indication on how off-colour we were being, Krista actually suggested we should quieten it down because there were kids about.  Coming from Krista? Yep, we were that bad.

According to Patrick we were too heavy and he happily deposited us at the terminal  - especially as we had broken the rickshaw flag twice on the circuit.  The first ferry was just about to leave, so in fact we caught up with the rest of the crowd on the ferry.

We all took the subway back and at the hotel we got showered (thank god) and we actually began to look vaguely decent.  Pablo, Jesse, Christian, Krista and myself went looking for food.  It was good to get out, although the mexican food didn't quite agree with my stomach - at one point I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or throw up.  Close call.  The food did the job though and on the way back I was feeling normal.

We collapsed in the hotel lobby for a couple of hours as we waited for everyone to catch their flights.  All of us trying not to fall asleep and contemplating the end of the biggest experience we have had for a long time.  It was bitter sweet saying good-bye to all my friends.  Although I had only technically known them in real-life for less than 72 hours, the bond we had created on-line and had cemented on the weekend, meant that when we said good-bye it was like saying goodbye to old friends.  There were hugs - lots of hugs.

Krista and I sober and on 'Top of the
Rock' One of the few photo's I was
actually able to take
Krista and I were left alone.  We decided to do a little sight-seeing in the last few hours.  Although I had been in NYC for the whole weekend I hadn't seen much of it.  It was nice for the two of us to walk along Broadway and 5th, take in Times Square and go to 'The Rock' to see the view.  It solidified where I was; I couldn't help but be overwhelmed all over again.  

We settled for an early night and little drinking.  Didn't stop Krista and I talking till midnight like teenage girls on a sleep-over.  We talked about running and form as well as making rude jokes.  I can't believe I actually gave a form running clinic as we were sitting on the bed in our jammies :)

I couldn't sleep, my body-clock was screwed, so as I got up for my flight at 4am, I had no sleep.  I said a quick goodbye to Krista and headed to the taxi as I left NYC.  All over - but what an amazing experience.

On reflection, the weekend stats speak for themselves. In total I had only 10 hours sleep over about 96 hours.  I ran a total of 7 miles.  I spent about 20 hours drinking and I have no idea how much I drank.  I made loads of new friends and cemented the friendships I already had.

As I collapsed on the plane I couldn't help but smile :)  


  1. The "fuzzy" lap was you, Christina, Josh, and myself.

  2. thanks for sharing the adventure Kate!