Saturday, October 1, 2011

Party in New York! NYC Barefoot Run 2011 - Part 2

My photo of Times Square.

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So it's been just under a week and in a desperate attempt to remember last weekend I have decided to under-go "State-dependant recall"; i.e. I was drunk when I was walking around NYC, so therefore I need a couple of glasses to remember. (also referencing all of the photo's taken of me whilst holding a glass of wine - there were so many). The photo's are all taken by others.  I would cite them, but there are so many.  My camera was useless, so I had to use other photographic evidence) ;)

When I left off we were being whisked away by Merrell via very yellow taxi cabs to a dungeon in the ACE hotel.  I am not sure if myself or my fellow bloggers (namely Christian and Jesse) were aware of the company we would be keeping.  Walking into the room (after being asked to remove our shoes), we were in the same space as Amby Burfoot of Runners World, Mark Cucuzella, Vibram and Merrell big-wigs.  Famous bloggers like Josh and Pablo. Let's not forget Jason and the other big names there.  There were literally so many and I have a very small brain - If I forgot you, umm.. sorry *sheepish grin*.
Underground bunker.  I think
Christian took this one.

So I was overwhelmed and luckily a beer and sharing a comfy seat by Christian was enough to get me to loosen up (That sounded kind of rude - cool).  Before long I was giving my uninformed 2 cents.  The "round-table discussion" was actually a geeky highlight of the weekend.  Despite all of the goofing around, I think some really important points and issues were raised.  Not sure how much I am allowed to say, but the whole meeting left me feeling that we were on the right track and on to something.

Josh's photo of our Dr. Who timelines.

After a quick change, we were again whisked in a more hollywood style (Lexus this time) to a restaurant where very tiny food and way too much sangria were served.  This was where were able to be more ourselves and less corporate.  As my glass was filled more and more with apple chunks and less with Sangria; i.e. way too many glasses of alcohol, I took the time to just generally chat.  I am such a nerd, but the highlight here was discussing Doctor Who/RiverSong timelines with Josh Sutcliffe (BarefootJosh).  We had pens and the backs of menus. Much to the avoidance of some of our companions and the mirth of others. One of the Merrell guys was almost peeing himself watching us as I (sad as it is) accurately named episode titles.  *cough* it was a highlight for me okay!

Then off to the Merrell pre-race party and packet pickup.  This is where the majority of the drinking was done.  Free barefoot wine and beer - come on.  Most of us made a token gesture to listen to the talks, but after 20 mins of being stared at whilst giggling at the back of the class, we decided a position closer to the beer was needed. Outside it was then.

I'm British... pulling funny faces in front of important people
is my hobby. (I think Trisha took this)
I don't really remember much of this.  I DO remember me "chewing out" Christopher McDougall for ruining my life (he was the reason I started "Run Smiley") and he promptly tattooed me (temporarily of course) as we both pulled funny faces.  I remember snagging a bottle of wine (we weren't allowed whole bottles) and that it was a really long run whilst drunk to the nearest toilets.  I remember getting very huggy and probably quite incoherent.  I apparently could stand given the photographic evidence - however how I have NO idea.  I think Christian standing next to me may explain that. When a short person drinks too much you need a 6 foot+ giant to hold you up. 

Inside Trisha's room.  I think they were talking
about Orgasms. Not sure who was taking this.
I know we started walking and then all of us needed the bathroom and so we ended up at Trisha's hotel because it was closer - however I think we did get lost on the way.  We then ended up on a subway to the ACE hotel where we went to the bar and carried on drinking.  I think Jason said in his "I propose" voice that we all go to bed at about 4am.  I can see the sense of it as we had to be up at 6:30, however, if we were thinking straight (and we weren't) we would have stayed up and started drinking water and coffee, then headed to the ferry with NO sleep.  We were a happy band of Jesse, Jason, Shelly, Trisha, Pablo, Krista, Christian and myself. A very drunk happy band.

So we had to meet the Merrell people at 6:45am in the lobby.  At 6:30 Krista's alarm went off and she kicked me out of bed.  (Still not sure how I managed to get to bed, that's still a grey area).  I stood and pretty much fell over, yep, we were still drunk.

I went to bathroom and I think I fell over and at 6:40 was still in a fetal position trying to get up and not throw up.  We did make it to the lobby; of the gang that were drinking Christian, myself and Krista were the only ones who made it.  The look we gave the Merrell guys pretty much told them we needed coffee and water. 

We still had to run… the race and after-math in the next instalment (I need more wine!)  


  1. love it! gives me flashbacks to college! XD

  2. Hilarious. Well-told, my friend!

  3. And, Kate... I believe the conversation in Trisha's hotel room centered around masturbater muscles. Beyond that, I haven't a clue.

    Troy - it was TOTAL college humor. We were all acting like kids. :-)