Monday, October 24, 2011

Hoping this isn't a "New Coke" moment.

Yep, before you all do a double-take, the blog page has changed a little.

There were a couple of reasons for this.  Firstly, I was playing about with blogger, testing new templates.  I am looking to do an overhaul over the next week or so - frankly the cobbled together in 5 mins site I had is, (like me), looking a little tired.  I had my old template backed up, so I thought I could get away with it.  Then I tried to upload my old template to find it didn't work. So, umm.. Oopss.

I then thought what the heck, if I am in for a penny, then might as well go for the whole pound, so I changed the Blog name - only a little.

The URL is obviously the same, but after all of my reflections over the last few weeks, I took the "Barefoot" out of the title.  Why? I now think that it's not important that I run barefoot, what is important is that I run.  I am reclaiming the word "running" in my own way.

The motherhood and life bit is something I can't get away from, so that's staying.  I also still "Ramble" A LOT and everyone should be used to that by now.

(For those who hate change of any kind - grab a large box of wine, you will need it. There will be loads more tweaks and changes until I have finally figured out what works).

I have also come to a decision about how I want this blog to operate in the future; my whole, "Should I review stuff" quandary. Not that you'll be particularly interested, but I'll let you know what I have decided in the next couple of weeks.

So there you go... another drunken accident. Let's see if my mistake proves as successful now as the alcohol-fuelled decisions of the past.


  1. 11 years ago I decided to move to Missoula, Montana while completely drunk at a bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and that turned out to be a great year.

  2. Oh, and until you pointed it out, I didn't notice anything other than the picture. But then, I'm a guy who doesn't notice your new haircut, dress, or missing limbs, so I'm not sure my lack of notice means anything one way or the other.