Monday, August 22, 2011

What to do? An internal debate…

So Guys, I am in a dilemma and I need some advice.  Don't fret, this isn't a life or death situation.  Nothing will get harmed, maimed or mutilated as a result of your advice; except for peoples sanity, but sanity is not necessarily a quantifiable thing.  Thankfully, if it was, I am not sure  I would be able to type due to the straight-jacket I would have been placed in.

So I am looking for an opinion; a direction.  I am looking for advice on what this blog should/could be about.

After about 27 or so months of minimalist running and about 20 or so months of inane ramblings about -well not much really- I am wondering if I should start to include reviews of the minimal shoes that I have tried.  This is a dilemma for me because this was never what the blog was to be about and I am still not sure it's what I want it to be about.

The thing is, there are a million reviewers out there on the interwebiverse and a good chunk of them review minimal shoes.  There are also a proportion of that "minimal shoe review brigade" that actually review the shoes really well - they are the ones I look to when I want to see what a shoe will be like.  If you want to know who they are, look at my sidebar.  So I have never felt the need to put in my two-cents worth, because they would say it so much better than I would. There is an overload of information out there and I don't necessarily want to add to that.  I like just "Keeping It Simple (and yes I am Stupid sometimes)".

That doesn't mean I don't give my opinion if I am directly asked.  I will tell you what I do and don't like about a shoe -in fact about anything at all really- so that's not necessarily it.  I just don't want to volunteer the information out of the blue, straight into your inbox without any warning.

Living in Canada I also have a limited selection of minimal shoes I can just go out and buy, (and yes until about 2 weeks ago I have brought or won every shoe I currently have in my possession.  Invisible Shoes and Merrell have sent me shoes to check out). I hate ordering over the internet, because I have funky feet and I hate the hassle of trying to figure out what size I am.  Heaven forbid if I get it wrong and I have to send them back and order new ones.  Especially in Canada, the mail delivery from the USA is shocking.  We are talking about a 2-3 week  delivery of the Luna Sandals I won from a blog-contest and they were only travelling about 140 miles.  Can you imagine that timeframe x2 or x3 for a pair of shoes ordered over the internet?  Forget it. Oh and as an additional note CANADAPOST SUCKS!

So I  own a few pairs of minimal running shoes, (more than DH would really like) and they have been confined to the Five Fingers, Merrell and New Balance varieties.  I have recently been running/walking in Huaraches - which I love BTW.  It's enough that I know what I do AND don't like in a shoe.  In fact I have even gone so far and made my own minimal shoes. They are also still to date my favourite shoe.  In fact they are the only pair of shoes I  have reviewed and that was as a (comical) guest post on BRU.

I am now getting to the point where my minimal shoe collection is growing and the field on what I do and don't like is getting more refined.  So, readers.. yes, you…  the ones sat with an open web-browser window and probably a cup of coffee (or tea, I am a tea person myself), I need your input?

If I posted my thoughts on what I like/don't like in a shoe would you be interested, or would I just be adding to the information overload?  Would it be a beneficial service to the female minimalist runners out there? (Sorry Fella's my feet are SO small that there is NO way I will be able to review the men's shoes - not unless little fairies came in and magicked them into a tiny size).  Would the reviews from a "short-arsed", "pixie-footed", "buggered toed", "run's like a duck on land" minimalist runner be of any use to you?  Now that I have refined the criteria I am guessing not :)

Let me know, your input could be saving the interwebiverse from additional stress and trauma.


  1. Hello.
    I would appreciate any kind of review, so: go ahead!.


  2. Kate, my blog has changed, and changed. It changed so much at one point I changed my name! So then I think, hmm well Im not tri training I have to go back to the old me. I'm confusing the hell out of people. Any how.. do what you feel led to do! If you feel like you want to do reviews then do it! ~Nora

  3. I say keep doing what you're doing! Ie - whatever you feel like. Who knows, after a couple reviews you might decide you don't feel like writing any others, OR you might want to write reviews exclusively! I say share whatever you feel like, your readers will always be here :)

  4. As a working mom & minimalist/barefoot runner (and a Canadian living in Ontario as well!), I am not keen to read about minimalist shoes. I think they are important to use when you can't run barefoot, but we are each so different, it's hard to recommend a shoe to someone. I like to read about race adventures, running, life, thoughts and ideas, inspiration, etc. I don't need more shoes being reviewed. I own 3 pair of minimalist ones already & seldom wear shoes anyway. Tell me about your barefoot life!

  5. I've been reading for a while, but this is my first comment. (Don't freak out--I'm usually a horse blogger, but I run, too.)

    Anyways. I'd love to see the occasional review. It's easier for me to weigh information when I'm familiar with the person giving the review then if I'm just reading random articles on the internet.

  6. New reader, new minimalist runner... I'd be interested in reviews of stuff that you either love or hate and why they make you feel like that. Like Vanessa says, if something makes you want to share, then share...