Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do I really have to answer that? (Part 2)

Well, you asked for it... yeah, actually you did! Huh, you only have yourself to blame.  

If you could be a superhero, what superhero would you be and why? (Zap)
Didn't you already know I am one?  I am "Tootles" the crime-fighting squirrel.  Myself and "Nutty" (a.k.a Jesse) wear capes, masks and fight boring people with Nutella sandwiches and our lame sense of humour.  Yes, we were drunk. VERY, VERY DRUNK! and it was a slow night.

What mental strategies do you use to get through the "pain cave" and other challenging moments when running? (Zap)
I chant "Only X number of miles before I can crack open the flask of wine iskiate during races. On normal runs I carry my ipod, although I don't necessarily use it.  I have a play-list that is full of kick-arse tunes.  Generally I just make fun of myself - even if I think/do something that at the time is not actually funny.  As soon as I get the giggles, the run get's a lot easier.

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person? (Zap)
I suppose when my mother passed away last year.  

When you have "free time" to yourself, what do you like to do (besides running)? (Zap)
I love to read - I was given a Kindle a couple of years back and if I was stranded on an island, I would take my Kindle and a solar powered connector.  I suppose recently I have enjoyed writing.  I am not necessarily that good at it, but it's very satisfying.  I don't get much chance to write in my blog, but I like to try at least once a week - it just clears out my mind.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? (Zap)
Just one thing?  There is so many things I would love to do.  I suppose it would be to learn to play an instrument.  I missed out on that in school (because for some reason I am tone deaf and they wanted me to learn the tuba! Just not going there).  I think it would be very satisfying to pick up an instrument and just play.. It's a plan of mine to start when D goes to school.

There are ton's of things I want to try - I want to learn languages, rock climb, learn to fly. I would love to take beautiful pictures.  Knit, sew and carpentry.  I used to draw - albeit badly.  I suppose deep down despite my very analytical self I am little bit of an artisan.

What's the most annoying American habit? (ShelBel)
I don't any culture or nation has an annoying habit that is unique to them.  I think that's something I have learnt over the last few years.  No country is really that different. 

I suppose a LONG time a go, I thought the "American enthusasium" for well everything was annoying.  I remember (and we are going back about 10 years now), walking into a clothes store in Washington D.C to browse and the clerk insisted on dressing me up and shouting out to everyone "Here's my new British friend, she's so sweet".  It was really hard not pulling a face and saying "Really? Come on".  I think I brought a handful of clothes just to get away - which in some respects fulfilled her job.  

However,  now I have experienced a lot more, I am not sure I even notice it anymore and if I do, then I just silently laugh. I have more annoying British habits than any habit's the Americans have.

When people try to pretend they have a British accent does it annoy you? (ShelBel)
No, I think it's pretty funny.  I would probably join in.  Actually my accent is strange and I usually get mistaken from being from anywhere else than the UK.  If I talk in an Irish accent then that's when we are really in trouble. It means I am about to fall flat on my face and throw up in a bush.  If I get asked "which part of Ireland am I from?" then that's a sign I really need to stop drinking.

If you were a My Little Pony, which one would you be and why? (ShelBel)
It's been so long since I looked at "My Little Pony".  I took the on-line personality test; yep, I am not sure what is scarier, I looked at the site or I actually took the test.  My answer was Pinkie Pie.  After evaluating the rest of the ponies (did I just say that out loud? *shudder*), then yeah, Pinkie Pie would be it.  Only because there wasn't a punk/goth little pony, who falls on the floor after eating fermented berries - do they eat berries or is that the surfs?   Hasbro really messed up on that one. 

According to the site, Pinkie Pie, is giggly, playful and skips through the streets looking for fun.  She is the silliest pony around and is a free spirit acting on her whims.  She marches to her own drum.

Yeah, I could handle that.  Now if we could just get her dressed in black with a G+T in her hand, she would pretty much be perfect.

Do you have a nickname? (ShelBel)
Not really.  I suppose Kitty or KittyK from the old days of RWOL.  Most people I know virtually probably know me as kitty.

What is the best place you have visited or lived so far?(ShelBel)
If we were looking for a general area/country I am not sure - London I suppose.  I lived there for 4 years as a student and honestly there is SO much to see and do there.  You could go to a different part of the world just by going down an alley.

If we were REALLY narrowing it down then South Kensington in London.  In this little area they have so many huge, vastly different and awe inspiring museums.  The Science Museum, V+A, Natural History Museum.  I think I spent most of my free time as a student here.  I used to pay 3 quid (British pounds) and head here for the day with a packed lunch.  The Museums were free.  I used to spend a lot of time at the National Gallery too.

If you could have one last food or meal item what would it be? (ShelBel)
Fresh raspberries. I would pretty much do anything for fresh raspberries.  Really, not kidding…  pretty much anything.  :D

What's the BEST thing about having a son with autism? (UTR)
The fact that he is unbelievably smart and he see's the world so simply.  I always worried about becoming a parent.  I would have to deal with Bob the Builder and have to break things down to the simplest level.  But I have a son that challenges me.  He wants to know about physics, biology and chemistry.   I can use complex language and explain concepts that go above normal 6 year olds.  He see's the world in such a unique way and comes up with patterns, links and solutions to problems, that I wonder what he will come up with next.  He's very logical; I like that.
How'd you wind up in Canada? (in 10 words or less) (UTR)
Husband is very smart and was offered a job here.

Who is your favorite Doctor? (UTR)
I am assuming we are talking about Doctor Who here?  You aren't asking who my favourite family practitioner is I take it..;)

Ahh, okay very tricky.  Of the new Doctors, it will probably be Matt Smith - can't believe I am saying that, because I never thought I would like him.  He has the old soul which hints at his past, he is very childlike and quirky and he has that undercurrent of power and authority.  The other Doctors had some of those traits, but they never really had all of them together.  I mean Matt Smiths doctor has come up with the best lines - just watch the Christmas Carol episode for most of my favourites.  I suppose he has more of my sense of humour.
i.e. "Big, flashy lighty thing has me written all over it.  Well not actually, but just give time and a crayon" Classic!

As for the old Doctors, I suppose it was Tom Baker.  Not really because of the story lines because I have to admit I can't remember most of them.  Just because of the memories from my childhood. He was the Doctor I grew up watching behind the back of the sofa.  I just have a feeling of winter, the coal fire and all the lights being off.  My little sister and I used to make a little Den and our heads used to pop out during the non-scary bits.  When the monsters came we used to duck behind the sofa like prairie dogs or something. He just reminds me of my childhood.

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