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Do I really have to answer that? (Part 1)

Firstly, thank you for all of the great questions.  Considering I was trying to hide the fact I was doing this as much as possible I ended up with so many, I will have to split this into 2 parts probably.  There were some really hard ones in there and it made me think quite a bit about who I am.  I suppose that's the whole point of this really.

So Thanks to all those that asked me something - I may have been a little upset if there was a tumbleweed lingering in the comments section, but my brain and liver are complaining.  I am a bear with a very small brain (and now an empty wine bottle) ;)  So here goes.

What do you miss most about the UK and Australia? (AngieB)
I suppose I miss my family from the UK.  I also miss the history.  I know that sounds bad, but I used to visit castles and country houses that were hundred, if not thousands of years old nearly every weekend in the summer.  I went to a state school that was founded in the 1500's and lived in student houses that were 150 years old. I remember digging in our back garden as a little girl and pulling out old coins, 200 year old bits of pottery and bit's of flint etc that were thousands of years old.  I just miss that.

As for Australia, I miss the people.  They really call black, "fucking black".  The phrase to describe some of them is "Ocker".  I remember i had landed in Australia about 2 weeks before and I went to a "Queensland Playgroup" meeting, which was just a glorified play-date with broken toys in a church hall.  D was about 3 or so and I was approached by this lovely, typical Grandmother.  Her first question to me was, "has your son found his favourite toy yet?" I looked at her quizzically.  "His Penis dear".  As a Brit I am used to frank questions, but even I was stunned.  When after 18 months we had to leave, I had people I hadn't seen in about 6 months coming up to me in the Mall saying, "I hear you are leaving".  I haven't found that automatic acceptance or familiarity anywhere else.  

I also miss the wildlife in Australia.  It's the only place where you can see exotic birds and koala's in the trees - AND IT'S NORMAL.  The bugs, the snakes and the bats floored me everytime.  Seeing a Kangaroo as road-kill.  It was just surreal.  Saying that, I am sure my Australian friends would think 200 foot conifers, fungus the size of dinner plates and Bears/Racoons going through your trash was pretty exotic.

What do you like best aboot (hehe) living in Canada? (AngieB)
Eh? *laugh* I love the scenery.  Even after 6 years, it still blows me away and now that I run, and run trails, even more so.  I am also glad we are here for D's sake.  I have heard horror stories from my friends in other countries in regards to children on the spectrum.  I don't think we would have found the governmental and educational support for D anywhere else. 

If you could be Jesus, Mohammed, Zues, Ra or the flying spaghetti monster which would you choose? (BourbonFeet)
I actually believe there is something bigger than me out there - I just don't know what it was.  It could be a God, or a computer program, or a random dog dreaming about us.  I don't really know or care.  However, I am actually against organized religion.  I think that organized religion has been the cause of much of the bloodshed in our planets history. As to Paraphrase (badly) the film "Dogma", "God was actually a good idea until religion became involved".

As for which of the above I would be.  Well Jesus and Mohammed are just prophets - they would still have to appeal to a higher authority.  Zeus and Ra are old school. Dog's heads and birds claws.  Seriously?  They just wouldn't suit me.  Now the flying spaghetti monster is someone I could get behind.  He know's how to party, likes to have fun, and is probably quite forgiving.  ALSO he would enable me to move to Austria and have my drivers license photo with a strainer on my head.  You have gotta love that!

You must choose 1 and why.
1. Give up drinking and you will never get injured again.
2. Give up running and all your drinks are free for the rest of your life? (BourbonFeet)

Actually this was a really tough one to answer. In the end (much to the annoyance of the Spaghetti Monster) I have decided that I would give up drinking and not be injured.

Why?  It's not that I actually mind being injured for short periods of time - for example at the moment, it's given me an opportunity to re-group and prioritise what I want from running.  There is also something quite cathartic about starting again.  I have a tendency to be lazy with my form, I know I will be a better runner because when I start out again I will be super aware about how my body is feeling.

So the reason I chose to keep running and NOT have free drinks is because after a while free drinks would be kind of boring.  There is nothing new and challenging about it.  I can't imagine that happening with running.  There will ALWAYS be a new trail, or new location, or a new person to run with.  Even when I am 80 I can still imagine I could find somewhere new to run.  I can't imagine there would be that many new drinks around when I am 80; not that my liver would last that long.

What is your favourite thing to cook or bake? (VanessaR)
*laugh* not sure where the idea that I am a some type of cook came from.  I am not a "great" cook.  However, my personality is very much about "fixing things".  There is not a problem I don't think I can't fix (except world poverty and the debt mountain, but that's only because I can't lock up the world leaders in a room and get them drunk).  Since moving D to a Dairy, Gluten and Soy free diet, I have had to be creative.  D is 6, and it's hard for him to see what his friends are eating and for him not to have that.  So I have enjoyed trying to figure out substitutions that are good enough to fool him.  So I am not a fan of cooking normal stuff, but more of a fan of cooking something where I have to figure out a solution to a problem.

What's the prettiest thing you've ever worn? (VanessaR)
I suppose it depends on what you define as pretty.  I am a huge tomboy and as such I am pretty happy in jeans and a t-shirt.  I don't really do the girly stuff.  My theory on clothes shopping is that I find a shirt or jeans that fit and then buy 10 pairs in varying colours.  I did own a Ball-gown at college (which I promptly threw-up over in a fancy club in London - In-between the main course and the desert. Yes I was drunk). I suppose there was my wedding dress (although that was under duress).  I do own a floor length velvet hooded cape which my mother made.  As far as flowers and girlie stuff nah.  The running skirts only came about because I wanted to hide my arse from TMI bum, so I am not sure that really counts.

What's the most disgusting thing you've ever done on a trail? (VanessaR)
I am assuming this question is about running.  Actually I am pretty tame on the trail.  I am only a recent convert to "pee in the woods" and snot rockets.  I have never managed a number 2.  I did accidentally swear loudly at a group of old ladies, but that was because I was singing loudly to Tenacious D at the time.  

I have done other "disgusting" things in the woods, but they had absolutely NOTHING to do with running and.. well, let's leave that there shall we? :)

What's your favorite distance to run? (VanessaR)
I have never really run anything much over about 14 miles.  Not a conscious thing, just timing and injury really.  It's not that I wouldn't want to run further, I just haven't been in the opportunity to get enough time to run longer.  Maybe that will change in the next 12 months, who knows.  I am not a fan of racing the shorter distances; anything under 10K doesn't really do anything for me.  It's more of a terrain thing.  Give me a nice wooded trail and I would run that as much as you like.  I would take a 14-18K mountain trail run over a 21K+ road run any day During the week I like running about 8-10K, hopefully when my knee get's better and schedules are more accommodating I would run a longer run - going up to about 2+ hours.  

How did you meet your husband? (VanessaR)
Ahh, I was a nerd before the word was invented.  I knew M about 3-4 months before I actually met him.  I was in college studying to be a teacher and I broke my leg badly during my teaching practise (Friday night, beer and a step is all I am saying).  I wasn't allowed in school because of the pins, crutches and general kick-arse pain meds situation. So a group of my computer friends would sign me into the computer lab - it was easy to commute to, I could prop my leg up and occasionally nap. I knew M via IRC - when IRC was strange hash-codes, green screen and high end SUN boxes tied into a 56K link. He was studying in South Wales for his Doctorate.  He came down to visit friends at a games conference and he popped into see our little group.  My jaw dropped as he wasn't what I expected.  The rest is a bizarre history (and a whole different question).

What is your greatest wish for D? (VanessaR)
Just that he is happy to be who he is. Nothing more.  I just want him to be comfortable enough in his own skin that he makes life decisions that will make him happy and content.  I don't want him to be famous, or rich, gay, straight, married, kids, anything really - unless that's what he really wants.

You are stranded on a deserted island with Angie Bee and Krista. Krista is bringing the booze and the masseuse apparently. You may bring 3 things. What do you bring? (VanessaR)

A swallow, a sparrow and some scales.  (potentially with a coconut!)

Angie Bee and Shelly Robillard are competing in a bikini mud wrestling competition. Who do you place your bet on and why? (VanessaR)
Ohh.. good question.  Kind of scary as I may be in a room with both of them at some point.  Can I make the decision after a few test matches? No? Damn.  There are few people reading this who also lament that ;) (Not looking at you Jason, Patrick and Christian - honestly!)

Okay, Sorry Shelly, I would think it would be Angie.  I can imagine she would pull quite a few dirty (get it) tricks.  I also think she would have learnt a few moves from Jaymon - he can seriously kick some arse.

Regardless I would just be happy to sit there and watch. :)

Part 2 to follow when I have sobered up :D

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