Monday, June 6, 2011

Giving myself permission...

Dirty dishes on the counter-top,
Rubbish by the sink,
Kid wants to make a present for his friend as I put my shoes on,
   *Rolls eye's to the Sky*...
Running late to school,
   Is it too early for coffee?
Kids bike in the boot of the car, need to go back home instead of starting my run
I seem to be surrounded by idiots (all driving cars)
   A silent plea to the Universe, Really? Come On!
Garage door won't open
Out on the gravel trail...
   Crunch, Crunch...
I have a right to be upset...
   I give myself permission to be upset... Crunch, Crunch
I have no help at home...
   I give myself permission to be upset.. Crunch, Crunch
Why doesn't my son understand we need to go?
   I give myself permission to be upset ..Crunch, Crunch
Why am I always running late?
   I give myself permission to be upset ..Crunch, Crunch
Why is there no time for me?
   I give myself permission to be upset ..Crunch, Crunch
I have no help because I don't ask for it - I can fix that
   Sigh.. Crunch, Crunch
My son doesn't know the time in the morning, I need to warn him more - I can fix that
   Sigh, Relax.. Crunch, Crunch
I am running late, because I don't plan better - I can fix that
   Sigh, Smile.. Crunch, Crunch
I have no time, because I don't make time - I can fix that
   Sigh, Grin.. Crunch, Crunch
I feel I am surrounded by idiots because I take life too seriously - I can fix that
   Sigh, Laugh... Crunch, Crunch
My calves are sore.. I give myself permission to slow down
   I see a racoon in the inlet drinking from a creek
My form is off... I give myself permission to relax
   I wonder if Yoga may help - I meet a Yoga teacher on the trail
The run isn't quite happening - I give myself permission to cut the run short and head back for coffee
   The "I am the Doctor" song comes on the iPod
   and I run sprint the last 4 mins pretending to be chased by aliens.

It's amazing how the Universe seems to provide what we need if we just give ourselves permission to be upset and then to just Run and Smile.

(For those Geeks out there.. you know who you are;  the run today reminded me of this..)
Doctor Who, Series 6 Episode 4.  "The Doctors Wife"
Doctor: You know since we're talking with mouths, not really an opportunity that comes around that often, I would just like to say, you have never been very reliable.  
Idris: and you have? 
Doctor: You never took me where I wanted to go. 
Idris to Doctor:  No, but I always took you where you NEEDED to go.

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  1. This is awesome. It's amazing what we can do when we realize what we have control over and what we don't. We can change or let go. Nice post!