Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's alive!!... AHHHH!!!!

So the last week has been an interesting week.  Everything kicked off when on Monday, my blog about "Running with a smile" was re-blogged by Christopher McDougall (I got his name right this time).  This and consequently a celebratory half bottle of wine has led into something a whole lot bigger.

The evening before the "almost famous" blog re-post, some friends of mine had been talking about how we could make "running happy/with a smile" more mainstream.  Not kidding, this idea was partly in the works before Monday.  One idea that AngieB suggested was that we would "tag" our blog posts with the blog-tag "Run Smiley" and/or "Run :)".  This seemed great and I liked the idea that we could search for the tag "RUN SMILEY" and "RUN :)" and find lot's of posts all with a similar theme..

Then the idea morphed.  How about we get a central place where we could collate our "RUN SMILEY" experiences.  From then on "THE COLLECTIVE" was born... MMMWWahahahahahah.

THE RUN SMILEY COLLECTIVE are a group of Happy Hobby Jogga Bloggers who have come to realise that running for the sake of numbers is not what is important.  Running for the journey and the experiences we encounter on the way; That's what running is all about.  We have a central blog site where numerous authors from the barefoot and minimalist running community will post certain "Run Smiley" posts about running with a smile.   Our current contributor list stands as follows:Krista Cavender, a.k.a zapmamak
    • Robin Robinson, a.k.a Norm Deplume
    • Katie Kift, a.k.a. KittyK (Barefoot Runners Society)
    • Angela Holtz, a.k.a. Angie Bee (Barefoot Runners Society)
    • Vanessa Rodriguez, a.k.a VanessaRuns
    • Patrick Sweeney, a.k.a. Bourbonfeet
    • Christian Peterson, a.k.a The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy (Barefoot Runners Society)
    • Doug Robertson, a.k.a Dirtbag (Barefoot Runners Society)
    • Jesse Scott, a.k.a Jesse (Hobby Jogga's)
    • Ryan Hansard, a.k.a Fun Running Ryan (Hobby Jogga's)
    • Swami Kahn
    • Robert Shackelford, a.k.a. shacky
    • Nora Mancuso, a.k.a Ti-living… together WAS Mammarunsbarefoot
    • Lou Rantin
    • Shelly Robillard, a.k.a. ShelBel (Hobby Jogga's)

    So as NOT to cheese them off.  These are people who we are hoping to be part of the collective but they haven't accepted their blogger invite yet!   *points fingers in a "don't blame me" kind of way*
    N.B If those below HAVEN'T received their invites OR, the invite doesn't work, please contact  Blogger seems to be a little temperamental.

    • Jason Robillard a.k.a. Last Place Jason (Barefoot Running University) (Barefoot Runners Society)(Hobby Jogga's)
    • Shelley Viggiano, a.k.a ShelleyV (Mind the Ducks 12 hour Ultra RD)
    • Larry Gibbons, a.k.a Barefoot Larry (Barefoot Runners Society)
    • Nat Wolfe (Barefoot Runners Society)
    • Katie Button-Swenson (Barefoot Runners Society)
    • Neil Zeller, a.k.a Barefoot Neil
    • Janine Schwab (Barefoot Runners Society)
We have a facebook page - in fact two of them!  You can find us as a group, "The Run Smiley Collective" and as a person (yep, the concept evolved into an entity), called "Run Smiley".  To be fair, I think the personal page will probably have a short existence, mainly because it's an arse to maintain.  We created it to see if it had more functionality than the group pages.  I also believe we were slightly drunk, so the reasons are a little clouded.

We have a twitter account.  Find us there at  If you have a "Run Smiley" adventure on your run, tweet about it using the @runsmiley tag.

There is an email address if you want to contact us: 

And to finally cap it all of, the wonderfully talented Krista Cavender made us a slew of wonderful logo's.  We did have a few submissions, but I made an un-elected decision when it came to the logo.  After I saw her logo,  I had a dream - not kidding - I literally dreamt about Krista's logo. It had something to do with eggs too, although that bit is a little hazy. The dream was SO funny, I woke up laughing.  After that, I knew I had to keep her logo's.  

These logo's you are free to use.  Please use them on your site and get them to point to the RUN SMILEY blog.

Everyone can contribute to THE COLLECTIVE.  You can either become a regular contributor/author and have access to our exclusive "MEMBER" badges, alternatively you can send me your "RUN SMILEY" posts to and I will post them on your behalf with accreditation.  Don't forget to tag your facebook photo's/comments, blogs and tweats with the runsmiley tag. Simple.

So spread the word people.  Let's get everyone "running smiley"


  1. Would love to join the collective. I'm definitely into running with a smile. And I'm getting slower, not faster:)

  2. and of course we don't care about times, or distance, or pace or in fact your level of sobriety when you run. We just want everyone to pick a spot, run to it and grin/giggle the whole way there. You can even giggle/grin the whole way back too.