Monday, May 23, 2011

Introducing the "Run Smiley" campaign..

Somehow over the last 24 hours I have gone "a little" viral - just a little. I would go to the Doctors but we all know they can never give you anything for a virus. Best stick to the old medicine - Wine.

It seems my blog on smiles being the new running accessory was re-blogged by Christopher McDougall and now I have had more hits in 24 hours than I get in a month. I am finding it a little bizarre. I tend to view my blog as a little bit of nonsense hidden in the mist of the internet. Now lots of people are looking at it. I can't help to wonder if this is what happens when you discover someone has a peculiar looking belly button or a third nipple - no matter how strange it seems and no matter how you don't want to look, you have to and then you have to show everyone you meet. Did that make sense? Don't worry, if you are new to this blog take comfort in that "You'll get used to me".

Anyway, my last blog was asking for idea's on how we could promote the idea of running happy. My friend AngieB's idea was to tag our blog posts with "Run Smiley" when we blog about running for the whole purpose of having fun. So here it is... the "Run Smiley" or "Run :)" campaign.

Your mission is to go out and run; run for no other reason but just to have fun. Don't take a watch, but take a camera. Take a moment to pause in your run and take a photo - I do this all the time. I sometimes think that taking a photo allows you to actually reflect on the beauty of where you are. If you find a hidden path you didn't know was there (and it's not littered with crazy people or bears) then take it. Run somewhere you haven't been before. Run with someone you haven't run before. Sing, dance, skip, make crazy noises, air-drums, scare the wildlife, touch the trees, play rocking music... whatever. Anything that gives you a big grin on your face. The idea is that you just run to experience the journey and NOT to go a certain distance in a certain time.

After you have finished your run, then blog about it and how you felt/what you saw. Then use the blog tag, "Run Smiley" or "Run :)". Simple.

Wouldn't it be great in 7 days or 7 months or 7 years, we could "Google" the term "Run Smiley" or "Run :)" and there will be thousands of posts by people just running and being happy.

[If anyone wants to make a logo for this then let me know. We could create a "Button-thingy" to place on our blogs and link to a central place where we can gather all our experiences. Any other media-promotion idea's welcome. As you can tell I have NO idea on this sort of thing!].

[Amendment - managed to nab a blog address.  Maybe we can put our experiences here: ]


  1. I love the button thing idea!!!

  2. I love this!!!! Thanks for sharing and we should all run happy. Its the only solution. I'm in too!

  3. I'm in the middle of a marathon report from last Sunday - horrible conditions, cold and wet. At 6K, I decided that I was just going to have fun with it and ended up feeling great at the end.
    Anyhow, we're on the same page with this.
    I love the Run Smiley idea.

  4. Fun! I'll play around in photoshop and see if I can make some sort of run smiley logo! Maybe even animate it if you want.

  5. Love it!!! Sounds like a plan to me.

  6. Tried to post earlier, but the bloggods were kinda crabby. Oh, girl! You know I'm in like Flynn on this one!

  7. I discovered your blog through a link Christopher put on FB, and I am so glad I did, it is always nice to come across other happy runners! Seeing others out there with a smile on their faces just makes running all the more enjoyable :).

  8. Hmmmmmm I am interested in making a logo for run smiley.