Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everything running - Part Two (Sunday: Vancouver Marathon and IBRD)

So roll around ro Sunday. Having to get up at 4:45 after you have spent the whole night with belly ache is not the nicestof experiences. Due to thecopious amounts of food and an unfiltered wheat beer, I had spent a lot of the previous evening with a tummy full of gas that only an over-dose of "TUMS" was able to eleviate.

However, I did feel okay and so proceeded to don the Lycra and snacks and head out to the race.

I should have known that this race day was not going to go to plan as soon as I tried to find a car parking space. The Car Park I wanted to use (and which I used last year) was closed for some reason, so I scrambled around to find another one. As I am unable to find my way around the inside of asmall paper bag, this was going to cause a LOT of walking later on when I spent 45 mins trying to find where I had parked. Second, parking hurdle: In an attempt to be clever, I had not brought my credit card, just my debit and some cash to the race. This wouldn't have been a problem IF I had gone to the car park I wanted as you paid on the way out. This one had to be paid for in advance... with credit card (damn it) OR coins, (Yep, fail on that too). So after 20mins running around Vancouver trying to find a Starbucks or MacDonalds that was open - how could I NOT find a Starbucks, I finally managed to get a nice fellow racer to pay for my ticket as I gave her my cash. This had however meant I had already run about a mile and I was late getting to the race start.

Luckily, the queue for the toilets wasn't as horrendous as I anticipated - which was good because I was desperate at this point too. I did see Neil from BRS as I was waiting, so I know that there was one of our crew running for IBRD. I knew Craig and Robert were running the Marathon. I managed to get to the race start with 5 mins to go... Talk about being unorganised - may need to attempt better planning if I run this race again. Okay, this is me, that's not going to happen.

So the race started and I was off. I have to admit I felt pretty comfortable. I was cruising along
passing various "Pace Bunnies" and my speed was pretty good. It was still cool, temp wise and not raining. It was a good day to run. I was marvelling at the various bum's out there, enjoying the landmarks - I was having a blast. The only downside - I had decided to use my VFF Sprints for the first half of the race. I was going to go barefoot the second half. I haven't worn my Sprints in about 8-9 months and I quickly found that they were rubbing in various places. With now sweaty feet I could feel even after 5K blisters starting to develop on the sides of feet. As I tried to change my form to prevent the rubbing, I then began to have blisters on the sides of my big toe. I was cursing the fact that I was not wearing socks OR that I had decided agains my hacked water shoes. The water shoes would have been warmer, but they don't rub.I had also not predicted on the day being so warm.

I was wearing thick winter tights, 2 shirts and a weatherproof jacket. As the temps started climbing into the high 50's and as we were in the sun, this started to lead to problems at the half way point. At the half way check, I was on course for a time of 1:50, but then....

Almost in mid-stride I had the feeling I was going to pass out and throw-up. Literally within seconds I went from feeling fine (but a little foot sore) to almost keeling over on the course. I stopped, grabbed some of my NUNN and took stock of what had happened. When the heaving stopped, I walked a little bit and tried to see if I could carry on. I walked/ran a little and decided I was too warm - I was getting cold sweat. So I ducked behind a bush and stripped as much clothing off as I could acceptably get away with carried on. I was now in a weatherproof vest and all my shirts were draped around me like a homeless person.

I walked and ran when I could, but I mostly walked. I made sure I stopped at every aid station and I took on water and Gatoraide at every stop. This helped the faintness but NOT the nausea.
I am not sure how I managed to get to the end. I didn't go barefoot in the end - I could feel my feet were ripped to shreds, so I decided to leave the sprints on (even though they were causing problems) and NOT get dirt and muck in the wounds.

I ended up with a time of 2:13, which considering I did walk most of the second half AND I thought I had been passed by ALL of the pace bunnies, I was happy with. I wish I had more fun. I hate it when I run and I am miserable. I probably would have quit the race if I could, but if you are over half way, it's actually quicker to get to the finish than it is to get to the start. I am glad I finished..:)So as I passed the finish line, my next task was our "International Barefoot Running Day" event. As this event was overshadowed by the marathon and I hadn't garnered much interest, I was expecting no-one to turn up. Our IBRD event was just a quick 1 mile run from the "Plaza of Nations" to Science World and back. I knew I couldn't go barefoot as my feet we bleeding, so I hopped into the expo and brought some of the most expensive pair of running socks I have ever owned. Luckily I had my debit card ;)

I hobbled to "Th
e Plaza" and sat down in the Sun. It was nice to relax in the sun and chill out. I waited for about20 mins and was quite relieved when no-one turned up. Just as I was about to leave, a guycalled Rem approached me and said he had been waiting but didn't know who I was. I also then had a call from a fellow BRS member, Simon who was running late. Our IBRD event had 3 people. I was glad we had people show up, however my feet and calves were not so happy. So we ran the out-and-back and it was nice to see the looks on people's faces. It was nice to meet old friends and make new acquaintances.

Simon had to go to work, but Rem and I decided to go to our post race dinner. Luckily, we had time before any of the marathoners turned up because it was at this point I realised I couldn't remember where I had parked. Poor Rem spent the next 40+ mins trailing after me as I tried to find the car..

We met up
with Robert in the Yaletown Brewery, all glad of the sit down. Robert had a lousy race too, buthe still ran better than me..:) We sat down, drank beer and ate till we couldn't move; a good end to the day!

So here are some stats from the Marathon and our IBRD event.
Half Marathon
Neil Turner - 1:43:47 - as you can tell I looked this up
Kate Kift - 2:13:something

Craig Jones - 4:02:something
Robert Shackelford - 4:30:something

As you can see I am being very precise here..

IBRD 1 mile event
Rem - wasn't timing
Simon - could be anything
Me - I was glad just to be walking

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