Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday I had my 31st follower. In the scheme of the blogs out there, my follower total isn't huge. That's okay though, because it was never my intention for it to be.

I started blogging as part of the mentoring program for the Barefoot Running University, about 18 months or so ago. Since then the (attempted) weekly blogs have become a way of venting, musing and just general rambling. It's cathartic to just write down all the weekly thoughts down.

It wasn't -and still isn't- my intention for my blog to be a "review" everything kind of place. For one, I am not in a qualified position to really do that. There are also a lot of people who are more able to do that than me. That's cool. I will probably post a review at some point regarding some of the minimalist shoes I have picked up, but again, it will be more of a rambling collection of thoughts instead of a point by point review. If you know me, you will know that I can't organise a party in a brewery (which doesn't bode well for our after-party on May 1st - Party in a brewery was pretty much what I was selling!)

I suppose this blog has kind of morphed into a diary. Admittedly an open diary. It's been useful for me to go back and review my thoughts and experiences from a year ago and reflect on how much I have done (or haven't done) and see how I have grown as a person over the last year. How much I have developed as a runner.

I suppose that is why when I get a new follower I get pretty excited. I don't go out of my way to advertise the blog; I just let it hide away like a bad case of stomach flu hides in a Kindergarten class. Waiting till the time is right, to go out and infect the interwebiverse (yep, I made that term up). Every time I get a new follower, I get reminded that other people read what I write. That people are interested in what I write and occasionally, they like what I have to say enough that they decide to follow me. Every time I get a new follower, I feel I have earned that follower. It's kind of satisfying.

So I just wanted to say "Thanks" to all of those followers out there. "Thanks" for reminding me that people read what I say (enabling me to maintain some form of brain-keyboard filter). "Thanks" for giving me a little perk in the mornings when you comment. "Thanks" for just showing me that in a lot of the stuff I do, I am not alone or freaky. "Thanks" for letting me rant, rave, vent and generally just inflict my inane posts on you.



  1. Hooray for the Interwebiverse!!!!!!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. But I love reading what you write and hope to follow in your bare foot steps. Plus I like reading about your struggles with your son and how well you do. I've told you before that I have a friend who struggles with the same thing and it's good to know how you feel.

  3. i like it kitty - it's nice when a blogger displays diversity.. i don't like the one-trick pony thing. you are you. people like you. keep doing katie.

  4. Great new word!!!
    Its a pleasure to read your blog and know a kindred spirit :)

  5. I've just recently come across your blog and enjoy reading it, partly because it reflects a little of my own in some ways. You are not alone and if you're freaky, then you have good company! I too rant, rave, vent and talk about my own freakish and frustrating issues. It feels good to find like-minded folks and to be part of a community even if its only connected via a virtual cloud.

  6. Thanks Guys, I would have replied earlier, but this first week back from Spring break has been hellish.. I do mean it when I say that your comments lift my day. Thanks.