Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Umm.... what to write about.. ?

I have a big case of mental block at the moment. Usually a couple glasses of wine and an insane day is enough for me to splurt nonsense, however this hasn't been happening. I sit looking at the computer, blankly wondering what event I can drag out of my mundane life and then somehow make it interesting. In the last week I have now discovered there is something called "Justin Bieber" (Sp?), but still don't understand it's role in the universe - or why it's hair-cut is so important. Anyone know what this thing is and why it's needs dedicated news reports on it's hair? After investigating - yes I have been that desperate - I am still at a loss. Anyone?

I have found random web-sites that are of no use to me - or anyone else I can see, yet I will spend my days plowing through them instead of actually siting down and writing. I have managed to catch up on all my friends blogs - which is unheard of. I am even whittling down my "to-do" list and yet, the blank "New Post" page on blogger blinks at me.

Why the sudden evaporation of stupid thoughts and ideas? I think it's nerves. I have been asked - along with many others - to write a few posts for my friend Jason Robillard at the "Barefoot Running University". This is a big surprise, an awesome opportunity and one I am so grateful for. I still personally think he doesn't know what he is letting himself into. I mean, my contribution to the Internet is inane at the best of times. Honestly I think he must have had one too many of those purple cocktails drinks with the little umbrellas and the fake pink flamingo olive sticks... Actually, do those fake pink flamingo olive sticks exist? Now I have written that I am not so sure - let me get a patent on that quick, it will make me millions!

Initially I was brimming with idea's. On my run's I began to think of posts I could write: How running should be about life, but not the other way around; My love to run trails; How I fit in running with my life. They were just coming out of my head. Then I made the mistake of trying to tackle the task as if it were a college essay. I would plan, organise, create notes - in fact I would do this in a grown-up and methodical fashion. This is where it all failed.

My blog posts are evolutionary in nature. Not in the way they come out of the primordial soup and then consequently devour anything smaller than themselves, then repeatedly mate with anything that moves; okay, that was probably closer to the mark than I was intending and didn't actually prove my point. Ooops :)

My posts morph from the title and I just sit there and type. Usually with a mug of wine, (yes Mug, I am one classy lady) and my local radio station playing over the internet. I don't really consider paragraph headings, or introductions, summaries or citations. Heck, if it wasn't for an automatic spell-checker the posts would be unreadable.

So there I was sitting at a open document page wondering what the heck to write. The pressure began. I wanted to write something cool - Jason's a cool guy, how could I write anything less. But I don't do "cool"... Bugger.

Jason didn't specify times or topics. No time-frame. That's a killer to start with. I could actually win awards for my level of procrastination, if I could be arsed. I don't just wait for due-dates, I wait for three days after the final red-letter and the threats from big guys with mallets. I will provide an example. It's nearly March and I still have Christmas parcels on the dining table that needs to be shipped internationally. We aren't talking presents to vague acquaintances, we are talking presents to immediate family! I have still to write the Christmas cards from last year. I make it a standard joke that I am 7 weeks behind on life. Everyone titters, how they would laugh if they actually realised, I am NOT joking! I don't organise my life on dates on a calender, I just organise my life as a "Sun-Sat" affair. Why? because in my head it's still the second week in January.

Then the pressure to think of a great running topic began. "Running whilst hiding the snot-streaks"? Nope - that's going to appeal to, well maybe just me, and anyway my other friend AngieB and Jason's wife, Shelly have that part of running covered a little too well already. "How to run barefoot?" Heck, no - Jason wrote the book (literally) and I am a novice in comparison. "How to run quicker, better, further?" I am a person who's idea of a training schedule is checking the inaccurate weather forecast and seeing how far I can go before the usual Vancouver rain drenches me. "Cross-training" - what's that? (learning how to be a transvestite?) I think you can see my problem here. When I tried to examine an aspect of running (and Barefoot/Minimalist running in particular) I felt that I was either un-qualified, inexperienced or there was somebody better at the topic than me.

So here I am. I am in a better situation than I was 40 mins ago, (I no longer have a blank "New Post" screen). I do still have my initial problem though; what can I write for Jason that will be interesting, informative, cool and inspiring - oh and about running? *slaps face* This is where we look to our strengths and unique talents.


I've got it! I know something I can do better than anyone else. Why did I not think of this before?

Getting drunk and then registering for races I have not prepared for and which are due to start in 3 days time. Then I can write a race report about looking at peoples arses and freaking out the Vancouver Police Department whilst running. Then I could add a section about drinking wine 4 miles from the end and crossing the line with the most insane buzz this side of inhaling a helium balloon. This I am an expert on. This I can do well. Right guys, pass the wine, let's get the BC 2011 race calendar on the screen, (is my Credit Card handy?) - I can feel a article coming on :D

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  1. We sound alot alike. I am also not a planner or someone who thinks too far out. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it comes back to bite me.

    If only I were closer, the races I could "encourage" you to do while drinking.....I couldn't let you drink alone so that would probably mean me signing up as well, on second thought :) ha ha!

    I think you are a great runner and fast on trails!