Sunday, October 3, 2010

In a running Funk...

Yep, it's official. I am in a "running funk" To be fair, I have been for a while and I know the cause. This doesn't make it easier to get out of it. I just haven't got the inclination to run at the moment. I try, but as soon as I try to get motivation to pull out my skirt, my heart backs down and I slink off to find something else to do. This isn't good. (I had a lousy race last week and I am meant to be running 2 ultra's next year).

I love running. I love getting out there; seeing the nature and smelling the air. It's my head clearer. However, something else has made my "running passion" taper off quicker than the weekly milage before an Ultra. I know what it is and I think I am only really just realising how much of an effect it is having on me.

The reason. My mother. She died about 5 months ago and since then my inclination to run has dried up more effectively than a mountain creek in summer. I know this is grief, and I know at some point this will get better, but I want to know when. How do I get my arse into gear and push myself to get onto those trails and get muddy.

The ironic thing is that this is not what she would have wanted. I know this; yet my body aches and my heart is sore and I just don't feel I have the energy to get the stinky bits of rubber onto my feet and get out there.

So how do I solve this? I honestly don't know. I don't want to run alone. Perhaps I don't want to be left alone to think; yet this is really my only option. I am starting to join a running club and I think that will help, but it is only once a week. I am trying to drag friends out to run, but they have this absurd thought that I am a good runner, (which I am not), so they always decline. No matter how much I try and persuade them, I can't find anyone willing to run with me. Perhaps I should check the smell from my armpits before asking!

So come on guys? Honestly I am asking here! How the hell do I get out of this "running funk"? How do I get my "mojo" back? Because frankly I hate this!


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Katie. My husband lost his Dad earlier this year and I know it can take quite some time to get through the grief.

    For now, how about an audio book on the MP3 player while you run? It will occupy your brain while you run without messing with your cadence and you won't have to be alone with your thoughts on your run.

    Hope you find something that helps. ((Hugs))

    Wishing you peace,

  2. This is such a hard thing to give advice on. You know how much you love running, and I have faith that it will return to you.

    When I lost my cousin, I didn't really see running as a "release" for anything. Healing and hiding are two different things, as you know. Sometimes you have to do something that you know you like, even if you don't have motivation to do it right now. I guess I have no advice other than to just run anyway. You konw how much you like it, and you know you'll like it again.
    What about finding a new place to run occasionally?

  3. sorry for your loss. I commiserate with you. My mother passed away in late January this year and it still feels like around the corner she is still alive. Maybe because I didn't live near her for the last 15 years ... I don't know. In my grief I ended up running too much and gave myself an injury I am recovering from (if you can call plantar fasciitis an injury...) and therefore not running much either. However, I've recently decided to stop using the PF as an excuse to stop running and this week have actively searched and bought the tools to help heal my muscles and get running again. You're right - our Mother's want us to be happy with ourselves and continue our lives. My mom thought it was quite neat I picked up running three years ago and told me how proud she was. I want to keep that spirit of how she was proud of me alive.

    I would SO run with you - even if you were 4min/pace faster than me! Ask these friends to join you on healing runs. No time limit - no set pace but comfortable pace to enjoy the trails. This is the best time of year to run the trails in my opinion... Get out there and soak it up. And if they still don't join - I'll be running with you in spirit.


  4. PS: They say it takes two weeks to make and break a habit. Steal the Nike slogo and "Just Do It" for two weeks. Go running even if by yourself. You'll get yourself over the hump. Then you'll have made the habit again and be off and running for good.