Monday, September 20, 2010

Shhhh....Don't tell "running", but I am having an affair..

Actually I am having several and I am hoping "running" doesn't find out. It's not "running"s fault; it's just so difficult for us to spend time together at the moment. Life seems to be getting in the way and when we plan to spend time together some emergency comes up and we have to do our own separate things.

So who have I been cheating with? Well, early in the year, I had a relationship with "Swimming". It was all very new and I wasn't very good. However, that relationship has become more long term and I don't think that I will ever be able to give it up. It provides me with something "Running" doesn't. Good core strength, an upper body work-out and of course it introduced me to my second affair - "Aquafit".

The beauty of "Aquafit" and "swimming" are they aren't jealous of each other. They both know the score and are quite happy for me to partake of one straight after the other. They seem content that I have a couple of sessions of "swimming" around the time I spend time with "Aquafit". "Swimming" is more serious, whereas "Aquafit" is just plain funny. Who knew I would happily spend time wearing big floats on my ankles for a giggle. I didn't; it was all so unexpected.

Of course, when you start experiencing new relationships, it makes you wonder what else is out there. Very recently I have started looking around. I have tried "Yoga". "Yoga" was great. Not sure if I am going to keep "Yoga" as a long term relationship. It's just too spiritual for me. All those "Ohm"s and strange breathing. I know some people are attracted to it (and I can see why), but it may just be a little to calm and deep for me. It also takes itself way to seriously. I mean have you tried to have a giggle with "Yoga"? Oh the death stares.

Today was my recent assignation. Today I tried out "Step-class". It was a spur of the moment decision. I walked into the Gym and the sign-in sheet was there just giving me those "try me" glances. So, in a moment of weakness I tried it. It was interesting. It was very demanding and a bit too enthusiastic. It's fit and very well... *cough* but I am not sure I can take it seriously. It's like a sexy 17 year old boy with designer clothes and professionally styled hair. I feel I am a little old for it. I know it looks cute, and hey, it's a great workout, but I kept expecting it to ask me what classes I was taking this semester?" I think it's the "toy-boy" of athletic recreation.

So with all these liaisons, I have found little time for "running". The problem with "running" at the moment is that it is demanding a certain amount of time and wants me to go far afield. Life on the other hand is only giving me a one-hour slot at the most and is requiring me to stay close to home. I mean today, I wanted to do a long-run. Even in the torrential rain, I still wanted to hook up. However, I had a 5 year old with Autistic Spectrum, who had serious melt-downs before going to his first full morning of school. I couldn't really go too far away in case I needed to rush back to the school to pick him up. "Running" wanted me to go further away, life determined I couldn't. So I decided to ditch "running" and go to the Gym close to the school. At the Gym was the "step-class" and you can see the situation I was in. I wanted the "buzz" that "running" provides, but "running" was just too demanding of my time. "Step-class" was happier with a quick session in the aerobics studio. Same buzz, just different ways to get it.

So am I feeling guilty? Am I remorseful? Actually no. I know in the end that everything I am currently doing is so I can keep the relationship with "running" going. I want to stick with "running", I have made the commitment and I will try and put more effort into it. What I am doing is just keeping me going so that when my schedule improves, my experience with "running" is going to be so much better. I am going to be fitter, stronger and be happier when I decide to slip the VFF's back on and hit the trails.

I should come clean and tell "running" what I am doing, but I think it already suspects. I did have a couple of weeks where I ran to and from the pool, so I would have been smelling of chlorine. I am sure if it took the time to look in my rucksack it would have found the damp towel and swimsuit. I am sure "running" understands; it's not as if it's faithful either. I mean, do you see how many people attend races these days? If "running" feels it's okay to hang out with that many people, I am sure it can forgive me my little dalliances.

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