Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh Boy, what have I done..?

I think I have done something incredibly stupid. Unfortunately I am SO Stupid I will carry it out and I have capped off my stupidity by bringing friends along.

Yesterday I "virtual" paced a friend of mine for his Ultra. The virtual pacing idea is a "work in progress". Which actually means when someone is making themselves suffer voluntarily, (like run a 50 miler), other people will volunteer to pace and share the pain, even though they aren't even on the same side of the continent! When you run without big shoes on your feet, your pool of running friends can sometime diminish and you have to take drastic measures!

The idea was that I ran 8 miles, which although is longer than I have been running, wasn't so far over my usual 10K that I was worried. I actually planned out a route which was 9 miles and it took a biggish hill. Actually it's really a quarter of a mountain, but it would have counted as hill work. The incline was about 650ft over about 1.5 miles; the decline was the same. In between there was a bit of trail and flat road. The actual run itself was quite enjoyable; there was lots of swearing (especially on the Bert Flinn trail; Wow that gravel has grown and reproduced since the last time I was there), lots of wildlife to scare, lots of singing badly and a number of fantastic burps due to my new running fuel, "Swedish Fish". I ached gently at the end, but all in all, I have felt more fatigued after an hour of aquafit than I did after the run.

This nice, tame, pleasant run is not the stupidity I speak of; all it has done is make me realise my stupidity!

As I hold my head in my hands, let me tell you a story.....

One of my goals next year is to run the Diez Vista 50K Trail Ultra. It's actually based about 15 mins from my house, so I was easily convinced; although I think I just relished the idea of no travelling! It was one those vows I made when my mother died and at the time it seemed like a doable task. Tough but doable. Now all I am thinking is "How the Hell do I do this?"

The Diez Vista trail in the Indian Arm Provincial Park has (on further reading), been marked as a challenging hike. The course has in the total of 30 miles, a six-thousand feet ascent and descent over 3 mountains. The trail I think isn't just a little bit of gravel. It's boulders and tree routes and ravines.

I have six months to train. Six months to try and learn how to run/hike mountains. Six months to get my milage up to run 50K despite of the mountains. Six months to do all of this, as winter approaches, in a safe manner, (I mainly run alone) and all without breaking myself.

This is where I begin to flounder. I have NO idea what I am doing and my usual "carefree" attitude to running, which I forcibly maintain is being challenged. I mean I am actually going to have to sit down and do a *gulp* training schedule. I am going to have to do "pyramid" training, interval training, hill repeats. I may even have to join a *gasp* running club. Even as I type the words I can feel my BP and HR climb to well.. normal levels, (I am a freak - long story... if it wasn't for the fact I was walking, talking and being silly, I would have been placed into hospital with monitors).

I also have to figure out how to do all of this training, when I have no training partners to speak of. I truly am a lonely, long-distance, (maybe at a push) runner. How do I get the hill work done when winter hits? Admittedly, we could have a winter like this year and it would be easy. (We had spring blossom in February). However, it could be like the winter before; 3 feet of snow at sea level for 3 weeks.

Oh, and I want to do all of this with as little on my feet as I can get away with!

To cap it all off, it seems as if one of my "virtual" barefoot buddies may be coming for the race from the Island. It's almost as if I can't back out. AGGHHHHH

Okay, deep breaths.. I can do this. I can do this. I am sure it will work out. I have a tendency for pulling these types of challenges off at short notice. I mean, "how hard can it be?" *grin stupidly* I just have to keep in mind the mantra... "I don't need knees".

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  1. Just don't give up and go for your goals..everyone make stupid things!

    Tyra of Cadieux et Langevin