Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long time no see... where did the summer holidays go?

Honestly where? There "D" was, graduating from pre-school, (please don't get me started on the whole graduation of 5 year olds - you may hear me ranting like an old man), and now he is starting Kindergarten in about 3 weeks time.

I suppose my time, especially my blogging time, has disappeared in two main ways.

Firstly, it takes an incredible amount of time and energy to keep a 5 year old occupied. I made the mistake of booking "D" into some summer camps, thinking that as he was still attending his Autism center in the afternoon, he would be bored in the morning. An early class would while away the time. This was a BIG mistake. All the summer camps have resulted in doing was ensuring I was out of the house from 9AM and not returning till about 5PM. If I was home at all, it was to grab a quick lunch, check the dishwasher and ensure the house was still standing. (Who know's what experiments "D" would have started and forgotten about?) Honestly I think the dust accumulating on the furniture had more reason to use the house as a permanent address than us. So one bike camp, one skating camp and multiple swimming camps have resulted in a burnt out Mamma, an exhausted "soon not to be" pre-schooler and a house which looks as if it is abandoned.

The second, and possible related third reason, is that I am still trying to focus on my goal of one, maybe two ultra-marathons next year. I already have picked out the ones I would love to do. The first is called "Diez Vista 50K" and is actually based about 10 mins from where I live. It's a 50K trail ultra with an ascent/descent of about 6000 feet. This usually happens in the first couple weeks of April. It seems ironic that I will be attempting a 50K trail race when I haven't actually managed a 42.2K road race yet. But you know.. that's just a small technicality - nothing to worry about *cough*

In May I want to run the Vancouver Marathon with some friends of mine, and then a week later I want to run the "Mind The Ducks 12 hour race" on the East coast, (NYC I think). This race had it's first run last year and it was setup by a FaceBook friend of mine. In fact a number of the Minimalist/Barefoot running community went there and they had a blast. I desperately wanted to go, but wasn't able to due to funds. However, I think in hindsight, it was fate telling me to stay home. This was the weekend my mother died, and I think being on the wrong side of the continent, let alone a different continent to my parent's, would not have been easy.

So with this in mind, I have been stepping up my training. Not so much distance, but with more cross-training/time. This can only really be done during the weekend, so pretty much most of my weekend is now spent training AND recovering. Training includes a 10K run, 1K swim, 1 hour "Aqua-fit" class, and (hopefully by the end of the year) another 10K run home (preferably with a hill or two in there). I am hoping to do this twice a week with a scaled down version happening once during the week when "D" is in morning Kindy.

My third reason, is that I have started to document my journey which will be happening over the next 12 months. Yep, I am writing a book. Have no fear, I am fairly sure that it won't be foisted onto the public. It's purely a personal thing for me. A way to grieve over my Mother, a way to show my son what can be achieved and a record for me; to remind me that I can do all the goals I set myself. Documenting the next 12 months is also ensuring I actually follow through with my goals. Every time I open my laptop, I see the document there, reminding me that I need to run; I need to train and that I need to do all of this without irreparably hurting myself in the process. The last point maybe the hardest to achieve. As I have said before "we don't need knee's, right?"

So that's what's been happening over the last month or so. Hopefully in September, life will be calmer. I will have more time and I will be able to blog more. Normal service will be resumed. "Shhhush", is that faint screaming I can hear from the Internet community? You have three weeks to sever my connection to the internet, dare ya! ..:D

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