Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Unplanned half - photo's

Here are the photo's from MarathonPhoto from the race. As I was on my own, these are the only photo's I have. There will be one time I will take a decent race photo. For some reason, (probably because this is Vancouver), I am usually soaking wet. So I don't anticipate a decent race photo any time soon.

Have a good laugh - if you some bizarre reason you want any of these photo's then go to MarathonPhoto. (I have mentioned this, so they won't be too Pee'd off at me for publishing them). I am doing them a favour by providing the proofs - saving you and them time!

The unplanned half - race report

[Apologies to all those who read posts on the Barefoot Running forum on Runners' World. Yes, I did just copy and paste. The sign of a good barefoot runner/minimalist runner is the laziness. The reason we don't wear shoes is because we can't be "arsed" doing up the laces!]

So I ran a half-marathon last weekend. Wasn't planned; I only registered on the Saturday before, not really trainined for it, and I have only just recovered from ITBS.

The race was good - highlights:
It was raining... I got wet
I work my scuba diving outfit with pink VFF's
I had to get up at 5AM - ouch
Parking was easy.
Porta-potties really stink!

I was not looking for a fast time... just to complete (knee only just recovered). Knee held up okay - was a bit twingy on the last 5K or so, but concentrating on my form meant I got over the line.

Had a great time laughing at "TMI Tights" - there was one lady in front of me had these "Red/White/black tied-died tights on". I swear they were freaky. It was looking at a Lava Lamp. I ran behind her for 2K just for the "Zen" like hypnotic effect.

I tried to freak out every Cop on the route by deliberately waving and smiling at them. It was funny to watch their faces.

Everyone went quiet and stealth-like when we went through "East Vancouver/hastings". It's the roughest part of town, and I think everyone was just trying to keep their head low in case of cross-fire shootings!

The crowds were lovely and I really liked the "older-couple" who were staked out under a canopy, playing 1950's music on their stereo just to keep people going.

Stanley Park was gorgeous and I really enjoyed running there. Had a flask of iskiate at 12K - way better than all those gels. I decided to try doing the "Ultra" trick when we met the one and only hill. I couldn't see the top so I decided to walk it. (Still unsure of the knee). However I got really bored half-way up and ran the rest.

At 17K I decided to try my "wine-based iskiate". Actually didn't taste that bad - almost a hoppy flavour. Although I could have imagined that. I actually didn't need any fuel/water... I just wanted to see what it was like and I thought 17K was close enough to the end that I could still finish if there was any disasters.

We were passed by the Kenyan who won the Marathon at 20K. It was so great to see him. Blindingly quick and beautiful form. Everyone cheered him on which I thought was kind of nice.

Time at the finish was 2:15; my chip time was 2:12:43. My previous half time was 2:05. As I was just going out to run and actually not race this time, I am not upset about the time. In fact I was pretty sure I would be 2:30+ because my knee would have given way.

I am actually feeling pretty good. I was completely wrecked after my first half, but this time I feel pretty normal. I think the wine-based iskiate didn't help too much during the race (I suppose if I wanted the effects of the alcohol to help during the race I should have drunk it earlier). After the race, I think it has helped. I am definitely not as stiff or sore as my last half. Could be the fact of the iskiate or the fact I didn't push myself too much. Who know's?

That's it really. Went out, had fun, laughed a lot, did a lot of "air-drums" and enjoyed the view; especially lava-lamp pants lady"

The unplanned half - the beginning

Wow, just looked back at it was 3 weeks or so since I last wrote anything. The internet collective breathe a sigh of relief that I haven't invaded their space with my ramblings. But, like bad chicken... I'm back!

So, the usual grown up stuff has happened; Doctors, therapists, bills, blahhh... This is a blog on running and luckily I have something I can write about.

Last weekend I ran a half-marathon. The BMO Marathon; I ran the 21.1km course. I had written a long while back that I wanted to run the Marathon this year, but as subsequent blogs testify, I had ITBS and that idea was then diluted to the half, then just left on the shelf to gather dust. Recently my knee has been sore, but after using the "Foam roller of Pain", stretching and weight training, it was on the mend. Not 100%, but at least my 5 year old was no longer learning swear words that were inappropriate at a pre-school.

So on marathon weekend, my plan was to sit home and chill. That was until a week last Monday. I was at the pool, swimming a few laps. I know, me swimming!?! Until January, I was unable to swim. That's probably a whole blog post in itself. Anyway, I was chilling in the steam room after my laps and I began talking to this very nice lady. She was telling me how she was training for the marathon that Sunday, but had developed a string of overuse injuries. I commiserated and was just about to offer my sympathies that she wasn't going to do it this year, when she clarified that she was going to run anyway. This got me thinking. This poor woman could barely walk, and yet she was going for it - the whole 42K. I was pretty much okay and yet I was backing out!! This was a challenge. Never dare me to a challenge - I probably should not have said that.

After talking to a few of my friends, they were pretty much daring me to run the marathon on 4 days notice and no training. I even had a bet with one, that he would run an ultra if I ran the marathon. I contemplated it - seriously contemplated it. However, my mind overcame my heart and I decided that if I wanted to be able to walk for the next few weeks the half was a better idea. I still hadn't trained for the half. I think the longest distance I had run in about 8 weeks was 10K. I had run a handful of 12-13 milers before this point, but still that was quite a big gap and with a recovering knee. But I reckoned I didn't need knees... they were just a glorified add-on of nature right? Their only purpose was to be knobbly and make it impossible to have perfectly shaved legs.

So on Saturday 1st, I managed to get to the expo and I registered for the half. I was pretty sure I would be slow and that I would have to walk at least half. {On my last 10K, my knee gave out at the 9K mark, so I was expecting this to happen again). Did it matter nope? I mean all I was doing was breaking myself for fun AND paying $105 for the privilege. Who says in this day and age, masochism is dead?

So how did it go? Check out the next post!