Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ITBS or not ITBS, there is the question.

Apologies to everyone who has the misfortune to read this blog; yes, I am a little drunk - let's take out the "little" from the sentence, just to be on the safe side. Also, apologies go to the great Bard himself... sorry I misquoted you in every sense of the word.

So as this is MEANT to be a running blog, I had to think of something I could write about that involved running and not something I thought was "about running" as I headed for my fourth glass of wine. For example; white rabbits, mad hatters.. Doctor Who and toilets... No idea what most of that relates to running, but hey, I am a little tipsy here.

Be right back... that idea about the toilets is a bit of a predominant thought...

Okay, where was I? Oh yes ITBS, or IT Band Syndrome.. or maybe even "I talk B**l S**t" which is probably a more accurate reflection of this blog post.

I am suffering from a bout of ITBS at the moment. I think it is ITBS, but having never really suffered it before I am not really sure. I have "googled" it; I have checked the "on-line MD" sites, and I am still confused. It looks like ITBS, it feels like ITBS, but it behaves "like ITBS that has taken a part-time job in the very select 'knee malady' store in Hollywood and only works once a day if it is lucky".

I have just realised that that previous paragraph makes no sense to anyone except me and that isn't saying much. So here is the real problem. I have a pain that radiates around the side of my knee. It is aggravated by running; especially if I run more than about 5K. I have had it on and off for about a month and it developed as I increased my milage over trails wearing my VFF's. After a run it can hurt to bend the knee from one position to another. I can see the nodding heads from here - that is ITBS.

However, the issue I have is the vagueness of the pain. It doesn't hurt most of the time. In fact I don't feel it. I am a "SAHM", or "Stay at home Mum" to all those without kids. I am on my feet, up and down, going around the twist most of the day. I am ACTIVE for at least 12 hours before I collapse on the sofa with half a bottle of wine. I am not "resting" the injury. Yet, despite this, it doesn't hurt; EXCEPT for about 5 mins between 7:30-8:00PM. If I have a run it may "twinge" a bit more, but we are looking at "twinge" mid-stride as I walk down a mall. After a few more steps it is fine again. The pain I may add is unbelievable. I am not sure if it is down to the unpredictability, but the number of swear words my 5 year old has picked up on in the last couple of weeks is not something a Mum should brag about.

I have followed all the advice from various "NET experts". I have ICED and RICED and cut down on my running. (Which has not made me a happy bunny). I have strengthened every Glute muscle there is, to the point that if there was ever a "walnut restaurant' in the area, I could happily work there. Yet, nope... still, every day, I get an annoying twinge that reminds me that I have body parts below the hips. (Not sure I should have said that).

So is this ITBS? or is it not? Is it just my knee telling me it is still there and I should appreciate it more often, (in a kind of "desperate housewife" senario).

Actually at this point, I am not sure I really care. I will do tomorrow, at about 7PM.. I suppose I should really get it seen to, but for 99% of the day, it doesn't hurt. It's only that annoying few minutes where I feel I should do something about it. Advice please. May I remind you that anything you suggest will be greatly aggravated by the hangover I will suffer when I actually read the comments, so please be kind.

Anyway, rambling post over. Be sure that this post will be severely edited tomorrow morning as I awake red-eyed and grouchy; so if you want to enjoy my humiliation, I suggest you get in there quick.

So Thank You spell-checker... Thank you life, that I have no friends and no-one will now about this post before it is taken down. Thank you the healing power of Red wine. HUGS to you all. (Maybe I should hire myself out as an "Oscar Speech writer"?)

Now my only dilemma now, is more wine or tea? How much more havoc can the internet take in one evening?


  1. i know i have mentioned this... if i haven't- shame on me. The Divided Mind, by John Sarno... make the time to go to the library today and get it. read it. watch "ITBS" disappear mysteriously. drink toast to me for helping you get 'cured'.

  2. Thanks Shelly - You have mentioned it, before, thanks for reminding me.

    I'll check it out; of course after the cheerios and the Advil have kicked in. :D

  3. If your knee pain is related to IT Band Friction Syndrome, you should definitely check out the website: http://www.bulletproofknee.com Good luck!