Saturday, March 6, 2010

The things you learn on your long run.

Went on my long run this morning. A 12 miler, and the longest I have run since my half-marathon in November. I am getting to the point that the runs are long enough, that I am becoming so chilled out that I am developing revelations.

Here are a few I found today:
  1. My trail is the most beautiful trail to run. I am very lucky to live here and have this 6km loop on my doorstep. I can run this loop 3-4 times in a row and never get bored.
  2. It's great that this trail passes a bike loop in 6-7 different places. I can alternate between trail and road at any point. I can have whatever road/trail ratio I like.
  3. March is still way too early for cherry and apple blossom. Especially in the frozen north. However I will take it any day.
  4. That today the stones were out to get me. Occassionally I may hit a stone on the trail and will get a stone bruise. However, for some reason the stones had declared war on me. I think I ended up with about 5 stone bruises before accepting defeat and changing the road/trail ratio.
  5. Stones declaring war on a minimalist/barefoot runner do not have little helmets or guns... like Ninja's they are deadly just by being there.
  6. Even at 9 am them there is a stupid amount of parents/kids groups out on the trail. Therefore I shouldn't swear at the aforementioned tones with words that would make a sailor blush.
  7. If I decide to sing along to the songs on my iPod whilst I run, I maybe should edit them for offensive or sexually suggestive language.
  8. In relation to point 7; Groups of older women DO NOT appreciate you shouting "Take that M**th*r-F*ck*r" at the top of your lungs as you accidentally bump into them around the corner. (Line from 'Tribute' by Tenacious D)
  9. In relation to point 7: Teenage boys DO appreciate you singing "You only like me when I am on my knees" as you accidentally meet them around the corner. (It was a line from 'Should I stay or should I go' by The Clash)
  10. I have a very eclectic running playlist on my Ipod.
  11. There about 26 different ways to scare a squirrel whilst minimalist running on the trail.
  12. On reflection Popcorn is STILL the packing material of choice if I decide to mail myself to Grand Rapids. This was a follow on from the surreal thoughts I had during my zen-like swim at the lap-pool yesterday.
  13. A small pack of Gummies you swiped from the left over'Halloween hoard' and a 7 oz flash of Iskiate make an excellent mid run snack.
  14. The pack of Gummies and Iskiate do produce a fantastic burp about 2 km later. Discovered this as I hit the very large group of kayakers at the peer.
  15. People from the boat club seem to double in density when they put on their life jackets at the pier.
  16. There are so many different coloured whistles attached to life jackets.
  17. Bob is the best name for the breed of runner called 'Inadvertent pacer'.
  18. There are times when your 12 mile run looks like it be a hard 10 miler then 'Bob' turns up and keeps you going.
  19. Even at the end of your 12 miler, it's a good feeling that you are still faster than the veteran tri-athlete who is at the end of his 9 mile run.
  20. Coffee is GOOD....
  21. Now that I am increasing my long-runs I think it is a good time to investigate if Ice baths work.
  22. Going out for a full day with kids and kids friends is NOT a good way to cool-down after a long run
  23. Red wine IS.
Saying that I think I had better see if an additional glass of wine will help my post-run regime!