Monday, March 8, 2010

My doorstep trail

A few days ago I posted that I am very lucky to run a beautiful trail almost every day. It's part of the 'Trans Canadian trail' and I tend to run this section in a loop (so a 6K run). I can happily go up and down this trail all day as it is constantly changing due to the seasons, weather or daylight.

Well this morning I thought I would take my trusty old point and click digital camera and take a few photo's on my 10K. All of these photo's are places I see on my little 3K trail.

It probably won't look like this tomorrow. As the winter olympics have finished and the spring blooms are out, we are of course scheduled to have snow!

Enjoy.... (BTW - I managed the slowest 10K I have run in a while. About 70 minutes... I wonder why?)

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