Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is the two week reign of chaos over?

So it's been a couple of weeks since my last blog and I have a good excuse... honest!! Umm... the dog ate my calendar? No? Kidnapped by aliens who decided Earth had a really good return policy?

Okay, none of those work, but I do have a good reason for why I haven't infected the internet with my inane ramblings. I moved house. I suppose I should be glad that it's not an international move; but frankly given the last couple of weeks, an international move seemed easy.

We were just moving down the road, from a condo to a townhouse. Seems easy. This is where the chaos set in. When you think something is easy you don't plan. BOY, did we NOT plan this move very well. I mean, what needed to be done? Throw a few things in a box, con your friends husbands into helping and hire a U-HAUL van? How hard could it be?

We failed to take into account that we would all have a horrible head colds; D would have an unsettled week; the new house has horrendously dirty and the contents our condo cupboards had been very busy in the night and multiplied. If that wasn't enough, we ended up NOT taking all furniture we should have. We didn't have enough boxes, so had to shift those after the fact and I couldn't do more than 3 hours of cleaning/shifting/packing/unpacking before being wiped out for the day. Add in Spring break, play-dates, school meetings and battling government for ASD funding. I am not sure how we managed to survive the last fortnight without some kind of murder, arson, GBH or divorce happening.

We are handing the keys of the old condo back today and I am not sure if we have sufficiently cleaned the place to get our deposit back, but frankly I don't care. At this point any money we do get back is going straight into my 'let's get drunk and forget this ever happened' fund.

It's over - after today all I have to do is try and get the townhouse sorted. This maybe a task in itself; one that might not be completed until the next time we move.

So lessons learnt? Next time, get the company to move us internationally and then they will do all of this for us! Okay, maybe a little drastic. We could buy this house and NEVER move until we die OR the bum-prints on the sofa start growing new forms of life. The other alternative involves methodical planning and organising. Think I will stick with the the bum-print-sofa-lifeforms. I'll call him 'Cecil' and we will feed him banana's.


  1. I moved 4 times in 16 months once. Never going to do that again! Moving is a singularly unpleasant experience.

  2. I've moved far too many times too and it sucks. The last time I moved, I hired a company and it was the best money I have ever spent. I packed up the boxes and they did the heavy lifting. It cost around $250 but was well worth it. That was before I had children though so I'm sure if I moved now it would be a different story.