Saturday, March 13, 2010

First race of the year.. for lots of us.

So today I had my first race of the year. A local 5K race in the small city I live in. It raises funds for the local hospital. Not a big affair, but as mentioned before, this is the race where I hold a grudge.

A year ago, this was the race I ran in which I broke two bones in my ankle. This race is personal. It's also personal for another reason. Today was the first race for the friends I was coaching. It meant a lot to me and them. My Son, D, was also running his first ever race today. A 1K that took place about 30 mins before the 5K.

D, was fantastic. For his first race, he showed the qualities a runner should. When he fell down, he picked himself up and carried on. When he was winded, he slowed down, but he never stopped. I am so proud of him. He has never run this type of distance before and not once did he complain. Not once did he say he wanted to give up and he was grinning and laughing the whole way. He may not be a sprinter in the years to come, but I can see that if he wanted to, he would make a great distance runner.

I blogged before that I wanted to run this race, but I also wanted to run it with my friends. Well, I managed both. One of my friends (T) was late for the race. So it was decided about 2 mins into the event, that I would run and then come back for them both on the home straight. The friend that was waiting, (L), would keep an eye out for T and then run/walk with her.

I saw them twice on the course and we gave the usual high-5's as we passed. They were still running and I was so happy that they could run together and without me hassling them.

It wasn't the ideal situation, but it did mean I was able to accomplish two goals today. I did run the race - I crossed the line as the clock turned 29 mins 2 secs, which as I know I was at least 1-2 minutes behind the gun would give give me an overall time of about 27-28 mins. Unfortunately, the race organisers couldn't get Champion chip on board, so the race results had to be done the old fashioned way (by hand). Still waiting on those.

So as I crossed the finish line, I handed in my bib tag and then went straight back out on the course to find my friends. I managed to catch them up at about 1.5K from the end; just at the last turning point. They had run so much further than I realised and I was a little surprised to see how far they had managed. It

My friends managed the race in 47 mins, but as they were over six minutes late to start, meant that they had an overall time of about 40-41 minutes. This is absolutely fantastic and I am so proud of them. I always knew they could do it, but they ran so well.

So as we got to the post-run snacks, we basked in our triumph. We hung around long enough that we were still about when the draw prizes were handed out. As if we didn't need anything else to make the day better, L won a $50 voucher from the running store and I won a duffle bag. Combined with good coffee and muffins, who could ask for more?

So what next? Well L is already planning a 10K and I think she will drag T along for the ride. Who knew the running bug was so catching?

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  1. I've found if you can get them to run one race they're hooked! At least that's what did it for me. Great job on the race. You look so cute and look like you're having fun!

    I have my first 5k of the year next Saturday. I'm going all out in Irish gear since the race is called the Irish Jig.