Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy idea's you have on a run.. Graffiti Race Shirts

I like to think of myself as a partially creative person. I say 'partially', because it is dependant on how much wine I have drunk and/or how 'zen'ed' out I am. Due to these two limitations on my creativity, wacky idea's usually come to me either on a girl's night out or a long run.

So on my long run a couple of weeks ago I had this strange idea....

Graffiti race shirts. That probably doesn't make any sense so I'll explain.

We are all coming into race season and this means quite a few things:
  • An increase in training and those associated aches and pains;
  • Planning your work time around runs, (sorry that should be planning your run's around work time- I always get those mixed up);
  • Devoting more energy planning your post-run nutrition than to your day-to-day nutrition;
  • The list could go on.
One of the characteristics of race time are the shirts. My first race is tomorrow and it's a 5K local race. As such, the shirt they provide is a printed, white cotton affair that comes in one size. Something you would wear around the house maybe and then eventually use it for dusters. It's nothing you would wear out and nothing you would necessarily take pride in wearing. This is also my friends first Road Race EVER. They have worked hard on this. This is an achievement for them, and something they should be proud of; Something they should brag about to well EVERYONE. This shirt isn't it!

Wouldn't it be great if you had one race shirt that lasted you all season? A shirt that you could catalogue ALL of your races on. One which you could write little comments about the time, the people you meet, the weather. Something that would be unique to you and would intimately remind you of your running. Every time you completed a race you would get to write your race event on the back, maybe with the time.

Think of the shirts you get at music concerts. They have all the locations and dates of the shows on the back. Well, this would be YOUR running race tour shirt. Instead of the dates of the concerts, you would get to note down the races you have run. At the end of the racing season you may have a whole list of tour dates. If you are just getting started in the running game, then you could keep the shirt over to the next season and see how long it takes you to fill the shirt.

Quite often these crazy idea's disappear in the haze of the hangover or the coffee fix at the end of the run, which is usually a good thing. However this time I actually decided to ACT upon my crazy craft idea. Trust me, alcohol was involved in the creation of the shirt, as well as $10 worth of craft paint and a couple of old tech shirts. So here are my prototypes.. as you can see *cough* I need to work on the technique a little. Hehehe..

But for your enjoyment and my humiliation is the "Gr4ffiti Race Shirt"... A hand painted race shirt that you can you use as a reminder of every race you have run. So is this idea a "runner"?.. if so let me know and all cheques made payable to the local liquor store..:)


  1. What a cool idea! I love it!!! I am a huge supporter of the "local liquor store" so that right there had me sold :)

  2. I"m in love with that shirt, may I please order one! I hate hate hate my first ever race shirt (I got it last month)

  3. Glad you like it Summer! We'll have to see if we can sort something out!

  4. I think that is a fabulous idea! I'm going out to buy a crazy bright orange shirt to use for myself!!