Thursday, February 11, 2010

So is it compulsory to grow up?

A post about me this time. Very short and more just general inane ramblings.

Just a simple question - is it compulsory to grow up? I know I should, but I don't really want to stop acting like I am 6.

Okay, yes, I do have to operate in the real world. In this real world, I pretend and do all the normal stuff that has to be done. I go to the store; I do chores; I run my son to the Doctors office; I pay bills.

But it's a façade. This isn't me at all. Why would I want it to be? All of the above sounds pretty dull. Inside of me is the little kid that has never grown up. I pull funny faces to strangers. I make potty jokes with my son. I run barefoot races with high school kids. I laugh at stupid people doing serious things. I make stupid jokes and say lots of things that only other 6 year olds get. I act silly and I DO NOT take life seriously.

But does there have to be a time, when I have to leave all of the silliness and have to act like an adult 24*7? I mean, do people REALLY expect everyone to behave like that? I am getting the impression, that people think I should grow up and like 'Peter Pan' I flatly refuse to.

So who is wrong? Me, for pretending that it doesn't matter what people believe is 'proper'; or is it everyone else making me into something I don't want to be.

If I have to grow up, then in the usual phraseology of a 5 year old; why? I am not hurting anyone. I am hopefully not offending anyone. I am a functioning member of society, (although the terms 'functioning' and 'society' may be under discussion). Why is it SO important that I talk endlessly about school registration and catchment areas? Why do I have to talk about 'he said/she said/no they didn't' in the coffee shop? Why do I have to talk about parenting and strata council meetings?

AHHHHHHH!!!!! I am having to live too much in my 'grown-up' façade at the moment. Is it so much to ask that in the few moments of quiet I have, I can't go and sit in the back of the classroom with the safety scissors and glue and pretend to pull funny faces behind Mr McGregory's back?

Ranting over.

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