Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, new running goals

So it's nearly 2010, and I am now starting to think of my new running goals. This is actually a new thing for me. Last year my running goal; my ONLY running goal; was to run 10K. I had only been running for 2 months, and at the time 10K seemed like the furthest I could run. EVER!

Now I am a year into running and my goals have increased with confidence. The races I am contemplating now as so above my previous expectations, that I should feel they are impossible. However I don't. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have written the blog drunk, I am sure I will wake up tomorrow and think, "EDIT, EDIT"

This time last year I never considered myself a runner. I definitely did not consider myself a Minimalist runner - running without shoes, are you CRAZY! Now, I can't even contemplate a week where I haven't run at least 3 times. I don't even consider 5K a run. I don't even consider 10K a long run; that's becoming maintenance. I am running 8-9 miles (some of it up a mountain) and I am now barely winded. As for shoes, well forget it. There is no way I am going near my runners again. In fact my only use for my $100+ "motion control" shoes is to keep the door open.

This time last year I never considered myself a tri-athelete either. That just seemed too healthy and it interfered with the 'couch-potato' persona I was cultivating. However, that is starting to become a reality too. Thanks to fantastic coaching I can now swim about 500-750m. Okay it's not a brilliant time, but two months ago I couldn't swim, so this is huge. The cycling is proving harder. I once heard that you are either a runner or a cyclist - my legs are so used to running, that they are complaining about the cycling. My legs just can't seem to get the idea that cycling ISN'T cheating..

So my 2010 running goals (At the moment) are:
to run a Marathon in VFF's;
to run a 10K Bare Foot;
to do a sprint tri-atholon.

On my running "would like" list:
Run our local 5K in under 25min (hopefully BareFoot, but definitely in Vibrams)- this was the race I broke my heel in 2009;
Run a half marathon Bare Foot;
Be able to run gravel trails BareFoot;
I would love to run the 'Grouse grind' barefoot and in under 1hr;
Perhaps do a standard tri-atholon.

As for my personal goals - well I suppose they are more varied.
I would like:
to get my son into Kindergarten successfully and for him to be happy;
to move house without losing my sanity;
to make sure my husbands' life is balanced;
Think about getting a job.

Who know's what my 2011 goals, but if I manage to achieve my 2010 goal, I can see something bigger or longer on the horizon.

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