Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Son; the first years, did we miss the signs.

Okay this post is about a day late. Not doing to well on those deadlines am I?

Anyway, as I mentioned in my introduction post, I have a son who POTENTIALLY has Asperghers Syndrome. I say potentially, because he is still waiting for assessment AND I am not entirely convinced. However, I am sure that will come up in future blogs.

I realised my blog last week was huge, so I am going to try and break the blogs down a bit. Apart from anything, it means I get more blogs for my money. :) Being creative and witty is just to hard to do extensively. So this blog is about him from birth to about 2.5yr. This is mainly to do with our first stay in Canada.

So, my son [I'll call him D]; he is... fun, loving, smart, happy, cheeky and I love him. Okay blog over.. hehe..

Really, he has always had a few little quirks. I have always known that, but as he is and only going to be my only child, I had no way of comparing his quirks to anyone else.

He had a difficult birth, and didn't seem to do anything for the first 24 hours. After that, all he did was scream. Every time you put him down he screamed. It was then that the conventional rules changed. The only way we could get him to sleep was by bed-sharing. The only way we could calm him down was by baby-wearing. It took us seven weeks to figure that out in which time I suppose I started to lose my mind a little.

At 4 months old, we all packed up and shipped off from the UK to Canada. What was I thinking? D handled it great - but the loss of family and support from the UK made my Post-partum Depression worse. I wasn't diagnosed for 10 months, and I sometimes wonder if that affected him.

He was always active. Crawling at 5 months; walking at 12. His language never developed. He wasn't really talking till he was 2. He is adventurous, and I don't think there was any way to baby proof the house. He did like company, but he never deliberately sort it out.

He was always smart and he could figure out anything from just watching once or twice. It used to freak me out all the things he could do. Group activities never suited him. He didn't like to participate and when he did he was always doing his own adventures. He would never relate to the group.

I suppose his main quirk has his activity level at this time. I don't think he stopped for a minute. He went from 2 to 1 nap at 9 months and he practically gave them up altogether at 18-24 months. He would always be moving and I lost a lot of my pregnancy weight chasing him when he learnt to walk. He never cared about where I was, or where he was going as long as he was moving.

I saw all these quirks and I just thought it was him. There was nothing wrong with him. He is just an active, curious, adventurous little boy. He wasn't in any daycare or pre-school at this point, so there were no outside bodies telling me there was anything wrong. Friends of mine didn't really see him that much, so again, I didn't have any feedback on what they thought. I was tired and emotionally strung out dealing with all his antics, but isn't every Mom?

I honestly can't think of what I missed.

I know this post is a bit rubbish. Life here has been a bit off the last week and my mind isn't in the right place. When I get my Mojo back, I will probably update it with more humorous comments and wise-cracks.

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