Sunday, December 13, 2009

Me. Who am I? Answers on a postcard, because I don't have a clue.

[Okay, went from posting a day late last week, to being a day early. Perhaps my lack of a predictable nature will be apparent from the blog below]

Who am I?

I have no idea; I am so many contradictions in one place that I am not sure there is one answer. I make no sense - perhaps that's exactly what I am. Something that is not designed to make sense. So okay let's start with the basics.

  • I am on the wrong side of 35, but the right side of 40. Despite this I feel like I am 18 most of the time.
  • I am a woman, but I have held my own with the men, both in work and social life for the last 20+ years. I think I understand men more than I do women. I actually find face-to-face relationships with woman either annoying or funny. (There are of course exceptions, but my female friends are as quirky as me).
  • I am an unconventional traditionalist. I was married at 25 and I have one boy, despite never wanting a husband or kids.
  • I went to University and post-grad, but I am not intelligent.
  • I know lots of things, but none of them useful.
  • I am completely unorganised but I hate being late for anything.
  • I always saw myself as a career woman, but I have had so many different careers it's silly, and am currently not working.
  • I work a 60+ hour week, but I don't earn any money.
  • One the outside I dress plainly, but I am a hidden goth, punk, rock chick on the inside.
  • I am not tall, but I was the only woman who was allowed in the Mosh-pit at concerts.
  • I seem like I should be polite, but I can curse in different languages.
  • I like to run, but hate to wear running shoes.
  • I enjoy swimming, but I am nervous around water.
  • I have a resting heart rate in the 40-50's and a BP of 100/60-70, but I am not an athlete.
  • I can flip a 40lb pre-schooler in the air with no problems, but I cannot open a jar of pickles without help.
  • I believe in God but not religion.
  • My husband works in the games industry, but I hate playing computer games.
  • I am the most optimistic depressive I know.
  • I desperately want to be settled but have spent the last 7 years of my life organising international moves. I haven't lived in one place longer than 12 months in that time.
  • I can build a peer-to-peer/core/dial-up/Wi-Fi and VoIP networks in my sleep, but I find configuring my PVR stupid and annoying.
  • I am a network geek, but I definitely do not have a beard (although I am growing my hair!)
  • I can make or fix anything out of well.. anything, however I seem to be unable to balance my cheque book.
  • I can convert imperial to metric measurements in my head, but I still don't know how much I really weigh, or my height.
  • I am the only one in the house that can fix anything and owns the toolkit, but I am not a good cook.
  • I never fit in socially, despite being the one who organises the nights-out.
  • None of my physical features match.
  • No-one understands me, unless they are as Kookie as me.

You can see my problem. I can't even get a handle on me - so I doubt anyone else could too. It's good though. I think anything else would be boring, and who would want to be that.

I am sure there are tonnes more to add - but frankly I have had one too many glasses of wine, and any future comments may be obscene! :)

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